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Once Upon a Time in Wonderland

Season 1 Episode 13

And They Lived...

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Apr 03, 2014 on ABC

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  • Ever After

    I personally wish this wasn't the end, like with shows like "Young Justice" I honestly felt it had potential to go even further may'be a couple more seasons. There was a question or two unanswered, a bit disappointed that the Jaberwalky was short sticked, and there were plenty of characters we still haven't seen like Alladin, Jasmine, Sinbad, etc. But may'be all of these things are going to be saved for the next season of "Once Upon a Time" if that gang decides to go to Wonderland themselves, I don't see why they can't and may'be the Jaberwalky will be the next main villain; I don't know we'll have to wait and see.

    However this to me is probably one of my favorate finales because this one has no bullcrap cliffhangers that I personally think is a trend that's starting to get old. This episode really did feel like a perfect conclusion after what all the characters go though in this episode, I honestly don't know what more they could do.

    Not a lot I can say, this was all about the emotions all of the charcters were going though as each of them were fighting to make their dreams come true against someone that trying to steal them. I really like the amount of suspense as we see each of the characters make their moves and your constantly hoping whatever their going to do to thuart the efforts of their enemy will work because it takes a lot of time for a plan to work but also a lot of time for something to go wrong.

    Alice she is captured and I really like that intense debate both Jafar and Alice have. Jafar I feel has finally gone way way too far, not just how much he abuses the gift of magic but abusing others just to get what he want. From threatening to change Alice's past which would mean taking away her love Cyrus but also making Anna fall in love with him, I'll admit seeing both of them kiss was disgusting.

    I really love that speech Alice gives in that scene, and I felt that was part of the theme of the show on what love really is. To me is something that can't be destroyed by anyone or anything, it's impossible because it is an eliment of nature, just like the air we breathe. And I really love what Alice states the reason why Jafar will never win, and she's right it's kinda the same case with most villians and supervillans, depite their occasional trumphs their lives are still rather empty because their never truly happy.

    Even like that moment with both Anna and Will which I thought was touching. Will is able to talk down Anna whom is still under Jafar's influence, you can tell Will's words are getting though to her which help reinforce her own will. And of course once she gets in close proximity to Will, Will manages to brief break the force field by sticking his hand out and pulling Anna to him to kiss her. This of course makes her snap out of the spell and do what she has to do, that kissing trick just seems to work every time.

    This of course comes down to a final confrontation. I did like a bit of that final time with both Cyrus and his mom Amara. Amara was aware that to return the water to the well it means she would have to die but she accepts it because it would mean her sons would live and have a future. And there was a little emotion as Cyrus uneasily agrees to her choice, even though he didn't want her to go, he knew it was her time.

    But of course things don't go as planned when Jafar interferes and at that point I wasn't entirely sure what both Cyrus and Alice were going to do. However, the clever tricksters both of them are they had a plan within a plan. Jafar was able to defy the laws of magic but he forgot you can never defy fate, and lets just say he sealed his own fate which makes sense since that's exactly what happened to him in the Disney movie if you remember. You can say it's poetic justice because Jafar has finally got what he always wanted unlimited power but as a slave to it, which he always was.

    I won't say anything more except the final minutes were touching and beautiful because everyone got the happy ending they have fought long and hard for, and it's a relief because after all the crap they been thought they all finally earned it. Hopefully the same will happen with "Once Upon a Time" but we'll see.

    Like Alice I'll never forget the time we had in Wonderland, love is a reality.
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