Once Upon a Time in Wonderland

Season 1 Episode 13

And They Lived...

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Apr 03, 2014 on ABC



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    • The Knave: So, that's what this is all about? You changed the laws of magic so that you could torment me?
      Jafar: No. But it is a happy consequence.

    • White Rabbit: Uh, don't mind me, I'm just owner of the house where now both of you have been saved. This is great. Now we have matching bloodstains on the carpet.
      Mrs. Rabbit: Oh, Percy, calm down.
      White Rabbit: Seriously, who needs a photo album when you've got this? "Look, kids, here's where Alice almost died. And, ooh, look, here's where Cyrus' spleen fell out."

    • White Rabbit: Uh, the men are nervous.
      Alice: And the rabbits?
      White Rabbit: Wishing they made armor in my size.

    • Jafar: It is so hard to resurrect good help these days.

    • The Knave: You had real love once, and you know it's not that simple.
      Red Queen: It can be.
      The Knave: No, it's messy. It means arguing and making up and laughing and--and crying and struggling, and sometimes, it doesn't seem worth it. But it is. And, at the end, when you're in love, no matter what happens, you forgive each other. I forgive what you, Ana, for what you did to me. Because I love you. And if there's any part of you tat has a shred of love left for me, then please help us.

    • White Rabbit: I believe this is the part where I'm supposed to say something about for better or worse, in sickness or in health, but you've already been all those things, and you survived. Not even death could do you part. That's actually true for most of you here, isn't it? So, I guess that all that's left to say is what everyone here already knows. Cyrus and Alice, you two are now one. May you live happily ever after. You may kiss the bride.

    • White Rabbit: Many people have come and gone from Wonderland, but only the most special ones discover what it's truly about.
      Alice: Finding love?
      White Rabbit: Finding yourself.

    • Alice's Daughter: Is it true? The story?
      Alice: Every last word.
      Alice's Daughter: But the things that happened, they're impossible.
      Alice: Anything's possible in Wonderland.

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