ABC has sent Alice and the rest of Once Upon a Time in Wonderland down the metaphorical rabbit hole to its death, according to TV Guide. The ratings of the spin-off of the network's popular fairy-tale series Once Upon a Time smelled worse than a rain-soaked Cheshire Cat: Last night’s episode pulled in only 3.3 million viewers for a measly 0.9 rating in the 18-49 demographic. While those numbers might've cut it on The CW, they were nowhere near high enough for ABC. 

I'd be remiss if I didn't point out that Once Upon a Time in Wonderland was always meant to exist as a self-contained, single-season story about Alice's (Sophie Lowe) attempt to save the love of her life (a genie named Cyrus played by Peter Gadiot). However, the producers hinted last August that if the show was successful, it had the potential to earn a second season that would feature an entirely new adventure. Now that its chances of success are smaller than Alice after a few sips of shrinky juice, the series finale will air next Thursday, April 3 at 8pm. 

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