So tonight on Once Upon a Time, we discover that The Wicked Witch (i.e., Zelena), plans to break the laws of magic. Or at least one of them, and travel back in time to make it so Cora never abandons her as a baby.

Jafar needed three genie lamps. Zelena appears to need courage, heart, and a brain.

So... was Jafar's scheme in Wonderland just a setup by the producers to make the fact that Zelena can attempt the same more convincing?

So this Jafar fella gve me an idea...

So this Jafar fella gave me an idea...
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Apr 07, 2014
I really just kept saying, Zelena you can't do that, did no one tell you the three rules of magic (or is that going to be the major macguffin type thing in the season finale, she successfully casts the spell, it misfires as a result of her paying the price herself for the curse). Then I started to wonder, wait, I know that Rumple has recited those rules of magic, but I am started to think I don't remember our Rumple doing that (maybe to Emma?), so I am kind of wondering if maybe while Jafar lost the power when he lost the genie power, and everything he had done was reverted, I sort of wonder if the breaking of the laws of magic thing was done by both him and Amara if there is some sort of loophole he developed. Otherwise, I was more wondering, wouldn't it be easier to try and pull the same sort of curse that Regina put on Emma and Henry to forget Storybrooke to make the people of Storybrooke either forget Regina or replace all their memories of Regina with Zelena. Actually that second thing is probably more useful because otherwise...and this is why I don't try to think so hard about Continuum...Emma and Henry are potentially not around because Regina never saved Snow from the wild horse, and even if she isn't dead, she probably is severely hurt and that might just take her out of the timing to meet David, Tink is still on the outs with the fairy world and other ramifications I can't focus in on.
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