And so the last episode of the mini-series (well, that's what they claimed) wrapped up tonight. To some degree led to the slaughter by clueless network execs, the show nonetheless made a valiant showing against impossible odds. Kinda like Alice and her crew.

Although some doubted it, the show pretty much wrapped up all the loose endings and gave everyone a happy ending. Where to start? Let's go with the beginning. Cyrus is dead, Amara and Alice escape with him, Jafar gets his father's love and then kills him. Brian George's death seemed a bit... unsatisfactory, somehow. Sure, we all knew Jafar wasn't going to just bask in his father's love and live happily ever after. It seemed to have a bit of a rushed quality, but then again, most of the episode did as they tried and pretty much succeeded in wrapping everything up.

You're all washed up, Dad.

After a brief sojourn at the Rabbits' home (mostly to get Whoopi Goldberg her Special Guest Star credit), the group splits up again, with Alice and the Rabbit grabbing some soldiers (even though last week the Rabbit said no one wanted to join) to take on Jafar, while Cyrus and Amara go to the Well to return the waters and break the genie curse. It's not quite clear how Alice's army was going to take down Jafar, who didn't seem any less powerful before he gained his new powers. Did breaking the three laws of magic make his existing magic more powerful as well?

So Jafar raises an army of the dead. Or brings back some soldiers and appeals to their loyalty so they'll fight for hm. He doesn't seem to control them, and he can't seem to make them love him, so he makes an inspirational speech. It's not really clear why Jafar needs an army of resurrected soldiers, given all the guards he's got hanging around so they can eventually be killed off when they fail, but let's go with it.

Sadly, as I predicted a few columns back, the army of the dead was a pretty grim boring sight.

Klaatu Baradu Niktu, baby

Alice gets captured absurdly easily and taken to the palace. Instead of Jafar making her love him so she'll tell him what's going on with the Well of Wonders, he torments her with how he'll wipe out her love for Cyrus by changing the past so she never meets the genie. When that happens, she'll never come to Wonderland... wait, didn't she come to Wonderland before she met Cyrus? And if she doesn't come to Wonderland, doesn't that alter Jafar's past as well? And how will she suffer from losing Cyrus, if history changes so she never met him and doesn't know she did have him? Time travel, like wish magic, is one of those things people shouldn't think about too hard.

In any case, Alice makes a big (and admittedly impressive) speech about the power of true love, Jafar blows off the threat he just made and gets the information from Anastasia, who he has made fall in love with him, and he's off. Will makes a touching speech to Anastasia about love being messy (and let's not even talk about the sex part), he breaks the spell holding him in place (why didn't Jafar just put him back in the lamp), and they kiss. Right up to the end, the show continues to be as much about Will and Anastasia (i.e., The Interesting Couple) as Alice and Cyrus, and we got to see the "power of true love" again.

A wuv of extwaordinawy magnitude

So Alice gets to the Well and Jafar basically tricks himself into taking Nyx's well water. She turns him into a genie (irony!), and the threat is ended. Conveniently, although Cyrus was supposed to return the water to free his brothers from Nyx's curse, Nyx forgot that. Rush rush. And Jafar is cursed to hang out in a lamp until some attractive English girl releases him, he falls in love, and goes on a series of madcap adventures. Because that was the "curse" Cyrus ended up with, right?

Then it's back to Merry Ole 19th century England for a marriage (Season One, Time For a Wedding!), Edwin remembers his time in Wonderland, Millie and Sarah and the good Tweedle stop by for nonspeaking cameos (the look Sarah gave Mrs. Rabbit was amusing, though), there are some dramatic goodbyes, and finally there's an epilogue with Alice, Cyrus, and their daughter. Apparently they're sponging off of Edwin, since neither one of them have any real-world skills or income to fall back on. Maybe the Red (now White) Queen gave them a few bags of gold to tide them over.

So, my darling J.K., that's the story of my fantasy adventure. Does that give you any ideas for your own books?


Stuffed animals thinking: We had to sit through 13 hours of that?!?

So, the series did wrap everything up. A few things like the reimprisonment of the Jabberwocky was kind of rushed. Ditto with Alice's army being defeated and Amara's blink-or-you'll-miss-it death. They left it open enough that Michael Socha can still pop up in OUaT next year as they have planned. Jafar is out there and could be back as well. But really, they wrapped it all up and there were some excellent powerful scenes like Will and Anastasia reuniting, and Alice believing that true love would unite her with Cyrus even if Jafar changed the past. The White Rabbit didn't really change nor do much (we find out his name is Percy), and Jafar was suitably evil, suave, and sadistic, getting what was coming to him.

So at the end of the day, it was a good run of episodes at the end that led to a decent climax that actually did tie up the loose ends. Sure, there were still a few minor things remaining open, but overall it was a 13-episode mini-series that did what it set out to do. Could it have done better? Sure, but that's material for another column…
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