Apr 07, 2014
OUAT In Wonderland: So The Tie-in Begins...? (Possible Spoilers)
So tonight on Once Upon a Time, we discover that The Wicked Witch (i.e., Zelena), plans to break the laws of magic. Or at least one of them, and travel back in time to make it so Cora never abandons her as a baby.

Jafar needed three genie lamps. Zelena appears to need courage, heart, and a brain.

So... was Jafar's scheme in Wonderland just a setup by the producers to make the fact that Zelena can attempt the same more convincing?

So this Jafar fella gve me an idea...

So this Jafar fella gave me an idea...
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Jan 21, 2014
"I should've done that." - No duh.
At the TCA press tour, ABC entertainment president Paul Lee admitted that he should have held Wonderland for the winter hiatus and aired it on Sundays, in the mid-season break for its parent show.

“In retrospect, I think it would’ve done better there and I should’ve stuck with the earlier idea. I totally take responsibility for that.”

Ya think?
Dec 13, 2013
"Home" Review: Hitting the Bottle
There's something wrong in the world when a rabbit has a nicer flat than you do.

Since staff is no longer with us...

This week's mid-season finale arrived and in fairness, I'll have to admit a) I didn't see it coming, and b) I'm not seeing where they're going. So two points for the surprise element.

But let's save the spoilers for a little later. This episode reset several things. The Queen and Jafar are no longer reluctant allies. Alice found Cyrus. All three wishes have been used. The Red Queen has changed sides. The Rabbit is no longer suspected of being a traitor.

My main problem (others may vary) is that I still don't care about any of these people. They're all perfectly adequate archetypes, But I still don't have a lot of involvement with them. Alice is the ...Read more
Dec 08, 2013
Next big-name guest star for OUaT:W?

Hey, if they can get Shenzi from The Lion King to play Mrs. Rabbit... And what is Jafar without Iago?
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Our story begins as many tales of imagination begin . . . . "Once Upon a Time" . . . . only this time it is, "Once Upon a Time in Wonderland". Yes, Wonderland a land filled with marvelous and fantastic places and characters, teeming with adventure and mystery, a land where a beautiful young girl once went . . . . but no one would believe her tale. In fact they tried to say she was a bit insane, troubled, lost in her imagination.

The time was Victorian England and the young and beautiful Alice (played by Sophie Lowe) was about to have her memories forcibly removed by her doctors. That strange land that existed of all places . . . . on the other side of the rabbit hole. A strange place, a place with an invisible cat, a White Rabbit (played by John Lithgow), talking playing cards, a hookah smoking caterpillar, and of course we cannot forget to mention the Red Queen (played by the very lovely Emma Rigby).

Alice knows however that her doctors are about to make her forget all about Wonderland. Alice is especially ready to forget the painful memories of Cyrus the genie (played by Peter Gadiot) who she gave her heart to and yet lost forever when she returned to the "real" world. Perhaps Alice is insane as her doctors would have her believe, perhaps Alice did imagine it all, yet down deep in her heart she knows it was real; but who will save poor Alice from losing all the memories she holds deep in her mind and in her heart?

The White Rabbit along with the Knave of Hearts (played by Michael Socha) arrive just in time to prevent Alice from losing her memories. Now it is time for Alice and her friends to return to Wonderland, so down the three of them tumble, yes down the rabbit hole they go and Alice can continue her marvelous tale of "Once Upon a Time in Wonderland".