Once Upon a Time in Wonderland

Season 1 Episode 10

Dirty Little Secrets

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Mar 13, 2014 on ABC
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After they find the Knave, Alice and Cyrus go on one mission while the Red Queen goes with the Knave and ends up confronting the Jabberwocky. Meanwhile, in the past, Cyrus' inadvertently causes his mother's injury and is forced to pay a great price.

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  • Contents of the Lamp

    This is probably one of my favorate episodes for the show as we finally see Cyrus's past being explored which has been a long time coming.

    The subplot with The Red Queen, Will, and the Jaberwauky was sold as we see the Jaberwauky finds both of them and once again is putting on the devil act. I'll admit the scene with the Jaberwauky breaking Red psychologically was suspenseful and kinda sad, as we see most of what she is saying to Red is the truth, from the look on Red face it is emotionally breaking her. But also it reveals some depth as to who Red/Annastasia really is, she is one of the Cinderella's step sisters. So, that means that Cinderella could be entering the picture somewhere in the future or may'be in "Once Upon a Time" which would be cool since she's another major fairy tale character we've yet to see.

    It's true that Red/Annastasia had those three wishes, why didn't she wish both Will and her to be somewhere else? Well if the Jaberwalky was able to find them in a vast and far location it wouldn't matter where they go. And I also know what your thinking why didn't she wish for the Jaberwalky and Jafar to die or a weapon, well if you remember the Disney movie "Alladin" another one of the rules were the Genie can't kill people, so that's not going to happen. Let alone wishes aren't that simple, they can go south when you wish unwisely, and the fact you have only three shots so they need to count.

    We of course see the queen then makes her wishes, you can tell when she makes them it's breaking her heart as she is forced to make them, when the Jaberwalky threatens to torture will all she wants. Jaber of course makes Red wish for the Crown and Jewels as a cruel insult toward her, I can tell from Red's eyes she didn't really want them. I feel it shows theres a little growth in Red, that she's learning her leason that Vanity doesn't really get you what you really want or need, yes wearing fancy jewelery is fun and nice for some reason enhances a person look (on a sidenote I don't care about Jewelry or even if a woman is wearing them, that's not what makes them beautiful to but there just mere trinkets nothing more, there not what truly make a person beautiful. Vanity has been Red's weakness, she sort of has a low self esteem complex, when she had nothing she felt like she was nothing didn't think she was beautiful. If only she looked in the mirror and at what she already had she would of realized she already had what she wanted/needed she just didn't know it. Of course all of the wishes are spent, and now the ball is in Jafar and the Jaberwalky's court.

    Now down to the plot, the story with Cyrus is great as we see he use to be kinda a con man which shows why he's a good trickster, I really like the dynamic between him and his brothers, his two brothers are kinda both voices of conciouness and loyal despite Cyrus dragging them on the road to hell. Unfortunately we see it was one con too many, as the person he cheated in cards is a sore loser and does something extreme and completely out of line by burning down their house with their mom in it.

    Of course this leads all three of them on a desperate mission to go to a well which would bring life back to someone. The lady of that well is creepy, really like the makeup job on her, with the overlong black hair and gray. It's pretty much the element of the mystical wiseman or woman, most of them are never really plesent to look at nor are the truths they present. As we see the physics of the well, it can only heal someone when it's not their time; unfortunately for their mom it was. This truth doesn't sit well for Cyrus when out of desperation he decides to defy fate and take the water anyway; despite the brothers good judgement they go along with him to honor their bond but also the fact their desperate as well.

    This of course leads to a twist which I honestly didn't entirely see coming, but I did have a feeling that their mom was some character we already know. And it was it was Amara, whom is Cyrus's mother, wow talk about a tangled web we weve. It really shows that Amara goal wasn't just to unite the lamps to change the laws of magic but to get her sons back. And of course we see that despite Cyrus and his brothers healing their mom, unfortunately fate doesn't take kindly to their defiance and we see the lady of the well curse them into a fate where they can never cheat again by being genies, slaves to everyone's desires.

    It was a hard leason that shows, you can't take shortcuts in life because their usual the wrong way. Sure cheating will get you things, but it's never without consequence because it's a defiance and affects anyone or anything for your own selfishness and selfishness alone is never for free. I really liked seeing that Cyrus has also grown over the years as he talks to the lady of the well again, he learned his lesson and has became unselfish, he was willing to give up his life to save his brothers. Of course the lady of the well spares him by giving him the task of somehow returning the lost water of the well that way the curse can be undone. How that will work we'll have to wait and see.

    We see by the end, Jafar and the Jaberwalky have all the pieces together and all hell is about to break loose.

  • Let's begin...

    This was a brilliant episode which explores a character's past which we haven't really explored much of before in the form of Cyrus. A lot of interesting scenes about how he became a genie - and more importantly and very shockingly, who his family actually is comprised of!

    Clearly Amara was not trying to unite the three lamps to change the laws of magic as she was letting on - or maybe she was, but she certainly had another agenda too.

    Really enjoyed the scenes with the Jabberwaukee (no idea how to spell that, sorry lol) and I wonder if it will play a roel in future - I'd like to see it turn against Jafar.

    You'd think at least the Queen would wish for something more than jewels before giving it away. I found that scene a little bizarre but whaetever.

    Overall, phenomenal episode. This show is incredibly underrated and is very clever. I wanna see more!moreless
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