Once Upon a Time in Wonderland

Season 1 Episode 11

Heart of the Matter

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Mar 20, 2014 on ABC
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The Knave must choose between his friends and the Red Queen when Jafar threatens her life. Meanwhile, Alice and Cyrus launch an attempt to rescue Jafar's prisoners. In the past, Anastasia makes a new friend--Cora, who Will confronts with a request.

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  • Broken Heart

    This is another great episode of the show in my book, it's also one of those crossover stories that are done right and a rather tragic story. I really did like that subplot with both Alice and Cyrus as both of them were going to Storybrooke. It was really funny seeing how both of them were reacting to the conviences and customs we're all use to, it makes sense since both of them are from another time so things like automobiles and video games wouldn't be familiar. Liked it when Cyrus was turning the light switches on and off a lot, kinda like how a kid would play with a light switch. Hopefully, we'll see this show and "Once Upon a Time" crossover a little more, personally I'd like to see Cyrus, Alice, and anyone else in their party interact with Snow, Charming, Regina, Robin, and all the other residents of Storybrooke, all working together to confront some situation. Yeah, I know wishful thinking, but whose to say this won't happen somewhere down the line. And of course liked the last part where even though Jafar has stole Will's heart from them, Cyrus is able to steel away the staff and the staff or should I say Amara protects his son by using her power against Jafar, which of course makes him retreat. Which I thought was cool because it means the ball is now in both Alice and Cyrus's court now.

    However it's the story with Anna that really drives the episode. We see what happened during the time Cora was away from Regina, as she turned her head in Wonderland's direction. Once again her sick obsession with power is at it's worst as she is trying to obtain it through Anna. I like the fact that we see Anna has had second thoughts of her decision, realizing even thought she's now has vanity and about to obtain power there is no love, and we see Will sneaking into the palace to see her, showing that despite what he saw he hasn't given up on her and nor has she.

    We then discover both of them had a plan of running away together and we see the reason why it didn't succeed is because Cora interfered. So once again it was Cora fault for most of the bad that's occurred in Wonderland as well as what happened in "Once Upon a Time"; just goes to show how far her sins truly go and justifys (at least for me) why she pays the price latter on. Both Will and Anna were about to make the right choice but it was Cora that steered both of them into making the wrong one; this also goes to show the dire consequences of not following you heart.

    Will was given more pain by having his heart ripped by Cora, giving him the inability to feel much of anything which I think is an awful feeling anyone would have because it's like being paralised but emotionally because you wouldn't be able to feel enjoyment of anything like eating a well prepared meal but worst of all inability to feel love; as Doctor No. 5 in "Doctor Who" once said "Emotions are what enhance and he's right without emotions life means nothing.

    For Anna, Cora lies to her saying Will has abandoned her, and by feeding on Anna's lust for Vanity and Power by teaching her magic. So we see where Anna attained magical abilities, but of course we all know those things are no substitute for love. We also see how Anna submitted to Cora so easily as Anna saw her as sort of a mom figure; this made me feel all the more sympathy for Anna because as we already know Anna has been raised by an abusive mother whom like Cora never really loved her daughter but saw her as a tool to obtain something she really loved power. Sadly, Anna has exchanged her mother for another abusive mother.

    I really like the back and both both Will and Anna have in the prison which was touching. Even though Will isn't suppose to feel anything he does despite unable to show it you can tell from his eyes he want to show it as Anna's words really are getting though to him. We see that Anna has completely grown that she really does want him to get his heart back and to feel love even if it's not for her, so it show her selfishness is gone as well as her lust for vanity and power since both didn't love her back and abandoned her in the end.

    We see a great moment when Jafar puts the heart back into Will and it was interesting seeing Will exercise emotion once more because he persona just seemed complete, and both of them exchange a passionate kiss it felt like both of them we're about to get another chance. But sadly this is stolen from then when we see Jafar, kill Anna just to hurt Will on purpose and may'be Jafar's own sick amusement. I'll admit it was just heartsinking, just seeing that look on Will's face witnessing the one he love's die and the fact he couldn't do anything about it makes it even worse.

    Things are about to get a hell of a lot worse from here; Will finally had his heart back but one that broke.moreless
  • Impeeccable as ever!

    Wow, OUATIW just keeps gettign better, doesnt it? I think this has to be my favourite show at the moment - it does everything right and it is completely gripping.

    I was more excited for this episode than any other - mainly because of the appearance of Barabra Hershey as Cora. Cora was one of the best recurring characters on OUAT, and she added so much over there. EEven though OUAT is absolutely impeccable despite Cora's death, I still think OUAT's best episodes were the patch in the middle of Season 2 which had Cora recurring.

    I absolutely love the relationship between Cora and Anastasia - it is fascinating to watch it grow and develop, and naturally, Cora plays a big part in the storyline - Anastasia & Will might have been together if it were not for her. I do wish that we see more of Cora, though - it can only be a good thing! :P

    I loved the perplexity of Alice and Cyrus in Storybrooke with the modern cofmorts - it was rather hilarious to watch! :P Can't wait to see how they will get Amara back - that should be exciting!

    There are just not enough positives to say because this show is truly beyond incredible and delivesr on a weekly basis. I sure hope it gets a Season 2, it certainly surely deserved one more than anything.moreless
Barbara Hershey

Barbara Hershey


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Michael Jonsson

Michael Jonsson

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Trevor Lerner

Trevor Lerner

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Brian George

Brian George

Old Prisoner

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Iggy Pop

Iggy Pop

The Caterpillar

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Peta Sergeant

Peta Sergeant


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    • Old Prisoner: What is that?
      Red Queen: Magic.
      Old Prisoner: I've never seen magic do that.
      Red Queen: In the wrong hands, you'd be surprised what magic can do.

    • Cora: And should you choose to learn a touch of magic, I could teach you. And what the King doesn't know won't hurt him.
      Anastasia: I appreciate the offer... but I hardly think keeping secrets is the best way to begin a marriage.
      Cora: But it's a wonderful way to begin a friendship.

    • The Knave: What are you doing?
      Jabberwocky: Listening.
      The Knave: To what?
      Jabberwocky: You.
      The Knave: Oh.
      Jabberwocky: Your deepest fears.
      The Knave: I'll save you some time. Waters, hairy spiders, being stabbed in the head, and, uh, raisins. Grapes are fine, but raisins, no, thank you.

    • Will: Have you forgotten all the good times we had? Making wine from wildflowers. naming the stars to fall asleep at night.
      Anastasia: You named them all "Anastasia."
      Will: It's the most beautiful name I know.

    • White Rabbit: Come on. The Knave's place is this way. You'll know it by the smell.

    • Alice: It's quite a step up from the Knave's wagon. There's so many nice things.
      White Rabbit: I--I have a feeling most of it fell off a truck.
      Alice: Well, how did it get in here, then?
      White Rabbit: No, it's a figure of... never mind.

    • Red Queen: Getting involved with magic--that was the start of all our trouble. Anastasia and Will... We already had all the magic we needed, right?

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