Once Upon a Time in Wonderland

Season 1 Episode 9

Nothing to Fear

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Mar 06, 2014 on ABC
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Lizard releases the Knave from his new bottle and demands her three wishes. Meanwhile, Jafar seeks to master the Jabberwocky after taking the Red Queen's palace, and the Red Queen finds herself captured by her vengeful former people.

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  • best show

    This show is perfect!!!! They need to make more
  • Fatal Wish

    This was a very soild start to the second half of the season, not a whole lot I can say it was more of a standard setter but a good one all the same.

    I really like how the dynamic between Alice, the Red Queen, and Cyrus goes, both Alice and Red are pretty much two different idiums that clash which Cyrus is the mediator between them. It was kinda funny but also dramatic as we see the Red Queen get captured by some common villagers and tied up to be eaten by some giant rats (at least I think their rats). I didn't really feel sorry for her, because I felt this was a hard lesson Red had to learn, being selfish and cruel to others will make people lash back at you, but simply that being always selfish doesn't equal prosperity. And of course we see Cyrus and Alice try to defuse the situation and both almost succeed, but unfortunately they didnt' think the plan thoroughly enough and end up in the same situation which I thought was funny. But of course all three manage to get out of the situation and find Will again, which then makes the dynamic even more interesting because now we have two couples, well not exactly since both Will and Red/Annastasia have broken up but who knows they could start up again somewhere along the line.

    To me the best thing about the episode was seeing Lizard again and the dynamic between both Will and her. I like the Lizard character let alone the actress whom I think is very cute and kinda gorgeous (in my book anyway), she does look great in both the towel and dress; but also has a great persona to boot. I like how the whole wish thing was handled, I felt the first two wishes were genuine but really said something about Lizard's character, sure she's a thief and she could of wished for more money but that's something she can always get. She wished for things that made her happy and everyone else, the first one was of course having a party in town, another was of course a dress to stand out for someone she loves.

    And of coruse we discover the one she loves is Will. I'll admit I kinda felt for her and wouldn't of minded if both of them hooked up since both seem to have a little more in common. But Will just doesn't feel the same way about her, their friends but nothing more; that's just how it is sometimes it just wasn't in the cards for both of them. Sadly she doesn't learn that and then of course unintentionally and in desperation she violates one of the three rules of wishing (if you remember the Disney film "Aladin") which is "you can't make anyone fall in love with you". We then see the consequence of making that wish, as it's taken her life and Will of course does feel something sadness. It's true the scene is sad but it's a hard lesson that goes to show, you really can't make anyone fall in love with you, love to me is an element of nature it has to take it's natural course in order for it to be genuine, forcing it is unnatural. You could say for her uninintentional defiance toward nature/fate, she sadly paid the price.

    I'll admit I felt sad about that cause I really liked the character, to me that's also the only bad thing about the episode, at the same time it felt like they kinda blew an opportunity. I wouldn't of minded if Lizard became a long haul character, may'be discover that she's really a fairy tale/fantasy character we all know, after all Lizard sound more like a nick name. But that didn't happen so oh well; I know what your thinking, someone could make a wish for her to come back to life but if you remember the Disney film, the other rule of wishing "can't bring back the dead" so it won't happen.

    I like seeing the Jaberwalky, it was indeed a different interpretation as we don't see the Jaberwalky as a dragon. And the fact they made the character a female which just shows how different things truly are from what we perceived in the texts. I really liked the way she was handled, she's sort of like Grendel's Mother, where she is in the form of a beautiful woman but is really a monster; and is also a temptress or Devil like villain as we see the Jaberwalky knows most to all of Jafar's secrets and is tempting him in a way. I really like the actress that plays her, I think she hot and there is a dynamic between both Jafar and her established; it's sort of the classic deal with the Devil. Despite Jafar making a deal with her, you already know he will pay the price sooner or latter, the Jaberwalky is more powerful than him as she almost kills him with the illusion of choking; so Jafar's got it backwords she's the one with the better end of the deal.

    Overall, a very good episode as a new dynamic is established, there are more questions. One of my questions is what's happened to Aladin and Jasmine, are we going to see those two? I'm also wonding if any more fantasy characters will pop up, one other I'd like to see is Sinbad. But we'll just have to wait till the next page.moreless
  • OUATIW- The Red Queen and Knave show

    When the title card for this week showed what I originally thought to be a giant dildo I thought we might finally see some passion between Alice and the Genie.


    I'm not sure if they're going for the sweet, chaste love that was the ideal of the Victorian era but the lack of chemistry between the two really brought the Red Queen front and center. Emma Rigby displayed great acting this week, her heartbreak when she realised that not one person in Wonderland would pay a ransom for her showed what I hoped to be the beginning of her redemption arc. Her accent altering in the situation was subtle but perfect and her sheer excitement and determination in searching for Will showed more chemistry than we've seen from the two lovebirds whom the story is based around.

    Cyrus the Genie was content to just be around his love but Alice was cranky and desperate to get away from Wonderland which I assume they wont be able to do until Jafar is defeated?moreless
  • OUATIW is back!

    So excited to have this show back - it was probably the highlight of the second half of 2013, and I'm hoping it continues to deliver in 2014 an beyond.

    Today we picked up straight after the genie swap and an old friend finds the new genie resulting in some interesting wishes while the Red Queen teams up with Chyrus and Alice to find the Knave.

    Was a very touch time getting the Queen out of troubel and there were some really interesting moments throughout.

    Not sure what to make of Jafar's little side quest but we will be able to judge that more clearly once we see a bit more.

    Overall, an interesting episode! Now we've got another reason to stay in Wonderland (of course) and I'm looking forward to where this goes next! Great to see OUATIW back!moreless
  • nothing to fear

    ABC what no advertising for this show good thing I was home or I would have missed it. I love this show great cast! Love a retelling of stories in new creative ways. This episode was great I might just need to rewatch it online.
Lauren McKnight

Lauren McKnight


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Kate Bateman

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Nels Lennarson

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Iggy Pop

Iggy Pop

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Brian George

Brian George

Old Prisoner

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    • The Knave: I think these are for you.
      Lizard: What are they?
      The Knave: Wishes. Mistress mine, my will is thine. Tell me your wishes three. Bollocks!

    • Jafar: Now you can watch me sit on the thrown you didn't believe I deserve.
      Old Prisoner: A throne is made when the man who sits upon it is worthy. Where you sit, Jafar, is nothing more than a large chair.

    • Jabberwocky Guard: You're a fool. The only thing waiting in that prison... is death.
      Jafar: Death and I have already met. Send him my regards.

    • Jabberwocky: You're already so afraid. And I haven't even opened the door yet.
      Jafar: What door?
      Jabberwocky: The one... inside your head. Everyone has a door like this where you keep all your most terrifying thoughts. Your greatest fears.
      Jafar: I've been around dark magic most of my life. You'll have no luck getting inside my head.
      Jabberwocky: I'm not worried about getting inside your head. Don't you see? I'm already in there.

    • Cyrus: What do I say to the woman who's traveled worlds, risked her life to save me? For now, and for all the years to come, whether we' e battling Mome Raths or fighting evil sorcerers... or just watching the clouds make their way across the sky, I will love you. And every moment will be a thrilling adventure for me because I'll be spending it with you. Alice... will you marry me?
      Alice: Yes. And yes, again and again, forever.

    • Red Queen: Either way, we need to find the Rabbit, get out of wonderland before Jafar finds us.
      The Knave: I'd prefer to take my chances with the homicidal maniac with the snake stick. Thank you, though.

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