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  • And Now for Something Completely Different

    I love Books,Manga/Manhwa,TV Shows,Movies,Games, Everything Story an Information seeking person and "Once Upon a Time in Wonderland" is well balanced spin-off of well known stories that bring new experience much like the Main Show. And despite all its flaws,ups and downs. In the end it felt satisfying and complete. Not every Show can say the same. It's not AAA Show but it left a positive memory in my mind.
  • One of my (nonsense) fairy tales done pretty well

    Most ep, missed Dad ep and midseason rabbit intro (13-14)
  • A Misadventure with 'Wonderland'

    A terribly misconceived series, Once Upon a Time in Wonderland is a round peg in a square hole. Creators Edward Kitsis and Adam Horowitz try to turn Alice in Wonderland into a story of true love by mixing it with parts of Aladdin, and it just doesn't work; it rings false on every level. Sophie Lowe is horribly miscast as Alice, as she has no chemistry with her co-stars and never becomes an engaging character. Emma Rigby and Naveen Andrews however, are cast exceptionally well as the Red Queen and Jafar. In fact, Rigby steals the show and quickly becomes an incredibly compelling character with a tragic backstory. But even the best acting couldn't overcome the atrocious CGI sets, which couldn't look more fake if they'd been drawn with Magic Marker. While there are a few interesting episodes, Once Upon a Time in Wonderland is a train wreck that bears little resemblance to Lewis Carroll's work.
  • Great ending to a show :)

    I just loved this show, I have watched Alice, Cyrus, Will and Anastacia struggle week after week. I have suffered with them, hoped for them and was very pleased to have it end like this. The good guys win and the bad get their punishment. I will miss them. Great ending indeed :)

    And who does not want a happy ending :)

    I also want to applaude the writers, actors and others involved. They did a fantastic job making me love, watch and believe. Ofc i could pick on things, but i'm not going to. All in all this has been a great journey
  • Great show in its own right

    I think Wonderland would've been better received if it had been aired when OUAT was between seasons, the 2 shows don't really compliment each other, Wonderland is darker and more grown up than OUAT but it's an amazing show, such a pity it has been cancelled!

    Also Alice and Will make much more sense than Alice and Cyrus... And Emma Rigby is just lovely :-)
  • A good story

    It's a very good story but sometimes you see that it is animated and that is to bad, i would love to see that it is more real!
  • Great idea poorly executed

    I want to like the show, I love Once Upon a Time, but if not for the name you'd never know the two shows had any relation. The writing is bad, it comes off as a very bad rushed teenage drama book. The actors have moments of greatness, but overall are mediocre at best (Jafar is usually good, but the Red Queen is usually overacted and bad). If you like a bad love story it's a great show, if you want substance and story lines look elsewhere
  • LOVE!!!

    To be honest after watching the original OUAT I did not really care for OUAT in wonderland. But I decided to give it a chance and watch the episodes. I instantly fell in love. what the writers did with the story was amazing. Every love story was very well thought out. I really don't understand why people are disliking this so much, i mean its not much different from the original. I would love more from this spin off because i am so into this story line. PLEASE DO NOT CANCEL THIS SHOW!! I want more!
  • Amazing

    yea realy Amazing show and actors!!

    story is fast,fun,good.

    just love jafar so evil and cool.

    The effects could be better i mean come on jafar on the carpet looks like it whas made in the 80's but hey way better than once up on a time!

    with this show it seems like the wrighting is better and they have more $ to spent so its good for me :)
  • Amazing show

    I watched the show before seeing anything except the trailers, and was wonderfully thrilled. It's a Wonderland second only to Tim Burton's in my opinion. The characters are fleshed out in the way only OUAT can do for its characters, and the way it mashes up with the Aladdin mythology adds to its mystique. For those that have a negative view of the show, I feel it is that they want Once Upon A Time, and in that they are desperately depriving themselves of a unique and captivating exploration of Lewis Carrolls Wonderland and that is their own loss. I can't wait to see where the creators take the show and its characters each week.
  • Whimsical, magical and a whole lot of fun

    I am very dissapointed with all the bad reviews for this show, and wish they would just cease writing something if they didn't enjoy it. Especially giving a show a one out of ten, it's very unfair.

    This show is whimsical, it's magical and it's a whole lot of fun. The flashbacks are used very well, I love all of the characters and am fully invested in the Story.

    If you enjoy the first show's magic, then you'll love this show, as I do.

    The casting department are fantastic, the costumes are great and the dialgue and acting are spot on.

    The biggest criticism that I have seen aimed at this show is the CGI, which I actually very much enjoy; I love how cartoony and surreal all the backdrops are, it adds to the charm in my opinion and has never once irritated me whilst watching.

    Giving a ten to balance out the poor and unfair 1 star ratings.
  • shame it carries the name of a great show

    Once Upon a Time in Wonderland is a real disaster, silly slow and full of nonsense, on the other hand the name lured us to believe it is as great as "Once Upon a Time" which is marvelous.

    Do not waste your time on this, its just like the Mercedes "A" Class, a stupid little car, it only carries the emblem of other great vehicles nd can never be compared to an "E" or "S" class !

    Cancel the show, kill Alice, the queen, the rabbit, the knave & everybody ... Just keep Jaafar or let him curse all with a spell and make the spell so dark & widespread that it would take out the author, the producer, the director and especially that CG guy with it !
  • Love the costumes

    I agree Wonderland is not great, but you have to admit the costumes are awesome. Wouldn't any girl love to have Alice's outfit?
  • Change of few things if you want to pull out of this slump

    Obviously not the same writers from Once Upon a Time. You would be wise to connect more with the original Enchanted Forest and Storybrook which have been so successful. This show is dying due to lack of connection with anything. I Love Will Scarlett. He is the best actor you have. The others don't convince me of anything. Send him back to the Enchanted forest and gain our interest again. Good Luck. Not sure you can pull this off.
  • I like it... Kind of...

    Ok, I love OUAT... Season 1 was awesome, Season 3 is actually interesting (love hook and want to see him win - but at same time feel sorry for Neal). When it comes to Season 2 - there was sooooo many unconnected story lines - felt like they had 4 different writers and each was told to come up with an idea - and then they could not decide and put it all in. But anyway..

    OUAT - Wonderland.... I like the characters, I like the idea, I even think the setting is a great idea.. HOWEVER - the CGI is what is really hurting it. At least with OUAT, whilst their CGI can be a times not great - at least there are scenes with real plants/placest (storybrook). The episodes are improving storyline wise - but it is just not working.. I am sticking with it - but hell, give us a chance to like it - make some actually scenery - the cgi is killing...
  • Nothing special

    Not impres, after watching the pilot and ep 1,2 and 3.

    Didn t feel conected to any character. Alice looks like that game of throne mother

    It's BORING!

    Not watching anymore!

    Looks like the target age is 10-16 for this one...
  • Awful

    This has no where near the calibre of Once Upon a Time. I don't like Alice and the Queen looks like a porn star. Really - those lips??? Boring plot. Taking this one of my watch list.
  • Thus far...

    As with Once Upon A Time, the writers have, so far, done a decent job of mixing the original story with the Disney movie story. I actually like the cross-over (already!) between some different fairy tales and Once Upon A Time itself. I only hope these plot devices aren't a flash in the pan then vanish completely. Give me substance, buildup, and damn good acting throughout the rest of the season and I'll be content!
  • This is NOT Disney's version and its AWESOME!

    I'm surprised by all the Alice and show hate. This show is fabulous. To those who hate the show, are you fans of the urban fantasy genre? This isn't Disney's Wonderland, this is Lewis Carroll's Wonderland with a new twist. If you're a Lewis Carroll, Urban Fantasy Genre fan, into time travel and strong female roles in a world of magic, than this is the show for you.
  • I Really Hate Alice

    Not the actress, the character. I knew I was going to have a hard time liking this show when Alice became some ass kicking ninja at the sanitarium. It is a pet peeve of mine but some 95 pound little girl can't beat up 5 guys. Yeah it's fantasy. It's an emo adolescent fantasy, but it's not my fantasy. And she's incredibly bossy and demanding of those risking their lives for her. When she stabbed the giant turtle in the neck I was completely turned off and came to the conclusion that I was not going to like this show because I find the main character of Alice detestable and very unlikable. I love the original Once Upon A Time but sadly this spin off just doesn't do it for me.
  • Get rid of the stylist!!!!

    Sophie Lowe "Alice" is in a bad word ridiculous! She don't fit the character. I hate the show, as soon as I try to watch it I want to turn the channel. Bringing in all the characters that don't belong in the story this soon into the show was a bad idea and the stylist needs to be fired. Who in their right mind thinks a triple French braid looks good? Sophie walks through the whole show with her mouth open making her look weak and dunce.
  • underwhelming

    So I came here to see if I had missed something or if this show really was as bad as I thought. Guess I didn't miss anything. Uninteresting characters. uninteresting plot. Too bad because I really like Naveen Andrews and would love to see him in something worthy of his talent.
  • So many problems, it's hard to know where to start

    This show has the feel of something that should've been a sideline in the original Once Upon a Time. I mean, the original has already mingled (and mangled) Snow White, Little Red Riding Hood, Robin Hood, Neverland, Pinocchio, some of which are at least as substantial as Wonderland, and yet the "newcomer" gets an entire show of its own -- it's just out of proportion, which leads us to...

    Problem #1: making more than a miniseries out of Wonderland will require an amount of additional material so great as to render it -- as with most other "reboots" -- less of a retelling of the original, more of a mere theft of character names as a gimmick to sell a completely different story, leading us now to...

    Problem #2: In this case, the connection with the original Wonderland stories is tenuous at best from the very start. Alice falls in love with a genie? Nope. Queen of Hearts not so nice? Well, okay, but the rivalry/alliance with the refugee from Aladdin is another big Nope. The "real life" scenes -- is she crazy, is she dreaming, or is some magical form of travel at work here? -- were possibly the best touch, but were nowhere to be seen in the second episode. The names Wonderland and Alice, along with the queen, some wannabe thug called a knave doing a bad job of trying to be a "bad boy", and a cheesy CGI rabbit are marketing gimmicks for a show that would likely work better on its own terms with perhaps an occasional reference to Wonderland rather than passing it off as a "reboot" that pales in comparison to its supposed inspiration.

    Problem #3: Really... does EVERY show have to constantly flip back and forth between present, dreams, delusions, flashbacks, flashforwards, flashsidewayses, Doing this occasionally can be an effective storytelling technique, but it seems that the success of "Lost" has led to an excessive reliance on this device, generally to hide otherwise thin plots (see Arrow for a somewhat less annoying example of this, and of course the original OUaT relies heavily on it as well, another reason to let up a bit in this show).

    Problem #4: Execution. Is it bad acting, or bad writing? As Sterling Archer might say, "A little of column A, a little of column B". I really wanted to like this show, hoping it might make up for the decline in quality of the first Once Upon a Time, but it has started out at a lower level than the original's lowest point. It does have a nice visual quality, the kind of show I'd like to watch in HD (Haven, Arrow, OUaT, and not many others), but pretty scenery alone won't cut it. I made it all the way through two episodes; not so sure I'll get to the third. If I do, and if it's not significantly better than what I've seen so far, there definitely won't be a fourth.
  • so different from OUAT.... really disappointing

    well, huge fan of OUAT, but not convinced by this pilot of Alice at all

    definitely not watching this show

    making a spin-off while OUAT is still on air was not the best idea of the year, i'm pretty sure it will be cancelled

    how come that special effects are so good in OUAT, and Alice ends up with such a badly designed rabbit ???

  • I didn't think it would be this bad

    I'm sorry, if you like it, lucky you, you can go ahead and watch it. But I have seen half the pilot and I had enough. I had read in the reviews that it would not be like OUAT season 1, but somehow I didn't believe it and ended up watching it. And it's not good. Not a fairy tale, not a realistic story. Just some sort of dark fantasy, not compelling or moving at all. Ugg.
  • So which world is Alice... or us... really in?

    This is one of the most incongruous setups I have ever seen for a show, which also trash-canned a better story right from the start. From the Knave of Hearts showing up in a leather (motorcycle?) jacket amid a post-industrial setting for the escape, to an insane asylum and doctor's more reminiscent of a delusion than reality then or now, to a new (?) queen of hearts like posh stand-in for burlesque show... it was all too much to take amid too little of a real plot. And as to that real plot...

    It should have been the true adventure of Alice trying to prove Wonderland was a real rather than imagined place...

    It should have been the tale of how she once hooked up with Rabbit, Knave, etc...

    It should have been the romance of finding, meeting, and falling in love with the djinn (not djinni [plural] or genie).

    Instead we have an attempt to start at the story's end, begin a new one that isn't really begun in the first episode, and do another attempt at past time tales as was done in the original series. What can I say? Been there, done that... move on to something else and don't lean on a formula like cowards... writers!

    And once again, I pity the caste that deserved something better to work with. That is becoming too commonplace in TV land.
  • Review

    I liked this show, really! <3

    I'll be posting my entire review on my website.
  • Down the Rabbit Hole

    I hope this series will be as good as Once Storybrooke but my heart will always be with the one and only Once Upon a time
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