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Once Upon a Time in Wonderland

Season 1 Episode 12

To Catch a Thief

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Mar 27, 2014 on ABC
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While the Jabberwocky tries to free herself from Jafar's control, Jafar sends the Knave to steal from Alice... putting their friendship to the test. In the past, Cora sends the Knave to find Alice and offers him his heart if he succeeds.

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  • Magic Unleashed

    This is another great episode, and fitting since were now down to the final period. Not a whole lot I can say this is a simple Caper adventure but a really good one.

    I liked that little scene with the Jaberwalky as she comes off just a bit sympathetic (I said a bit) as we see she's not holding all the cards, and the one thing she desires is true freedom she's tired of always being a tool for someones will. So she makes some sort of deal with Alice to work for them which was interesting, and a little suspenseful because due to her untrustworthy nature your not sure if she will keep her end of the bargin. But also she reveals a little hint of depth about her, when she says something about how villain are made. It really made me wonder if Jaber use to be a good woman once, it would be great if we got some flashback story on her character.

    I always did like Capers because the suspense is not just in wondering if everything will go according to plan but what the plan is. We see everyone do their part, from Cyrus letting himself be capture so he can be close to the lamps, Will acting as a decoy, Alice frees Jafar's father and mops the floor with the numourous amount of guards, no matter how many their are it's just never seems to be enough.

    But of course the best supprise was seeing Amara again, we see that her becoming a staff was all just one big trick, she knew Jafar would betray her one day but she still need his help to find her sons, so she had to pretend to be an insterment for him. The magic battle between them was soild, in a way I always felt they were sort of a game of high card, as we see both of them unleash powers on each other and cancel them out. However Amara then utilizes one trick where she uses telekensis for glass shards and then makes them fly toward Jafar, but Jafar pushes them back but as we see his grip is weakening and it looks like Amara was going to win.

    But unfortunately Jafar finds a way around it as he then directs one of the shards toward Cyrus and it hits him. I'll admit this was a bit shocking and made me really concerned for his life. This also made me sad for Alice as she felt Cyrus's pain thought their telepathic link, she might lose him once more. Jafar does this because he's figured out Cyrus is Amara's son, it's true when Jafar talked to Cyrus's brothers they didn't say anything but Jafar was able to see though their lies quick because he himself is a skilled liar. Amara is of course distressed and motivated to help Jafar in his scheme all to save her son's life.

    Playtime in wonderland is indeed over as Jafar has scored a basket, however final period is far from over.moreless
  • Stellar!

    Once Upon A Time In Wonderland has truly become my favourite TV show. It is beyond impeccable, extremely creative and highly unpredictable. There was a lot to love about this episode and I don't really know where to start, but here we go:

    Obviously the story with the Knave and Anastaisia, as well as all the tension between Alice & Cyrus and the Knave was great. Certainly offered a fresh new dynamic. The scenes from the past added to the storyline without overwhelming or usurping it, which was perfect.

    I absolutely loved the Jabberwocky's power play - it has been difficult to like her considering her alignments, but the Jabberwocky as a free agent is an exciting prospect - one I really like! :P

    The serial run through of the events was compelling and gripping - I was hooked onto this one, and we have two members of our main cast - that's two sixths! who are now dead! I don't believe they are gonna stay that way, but that's how it reads on paper right now, anyway. :P

    Overall, extremely well executed! Hoping and praying that there is more OUATIW - this show is doing everything right and is terribly underrated. I absolutely love it!moreless
Raza Jaffrey

Raza Jaffrey


Guest Star

Dejan Loyola

Dejan Loyola


Guest Star

Zuleikha Robinson

Zuleikha Robinson


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Brian George

Brian George

Old Prisoner

Recurring Role

Peta Sergeant

Peta Sergeant


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    • Jafar: I imagine you must want to kill me for what I did.
      The Knave: Why don't you open this door and we'll find out?
      Old Prisoner: Haven't you tortured him enough? Show the boy some mercy!
      Jafar: Mercy? And I suppose you'd be the expert on that subject.
      Old Prisoner: I've learned the error of my ways. But I'm waiting for you to learn anything at all!

    • Jafar: What if I told you there was a way to sew it back together again? To bring back Anastasia?
      The Knave: I'd say you're a lying bastard.
      Jafar: Half right.

    • Will: Watch your tongue, lass. Else you'll lose that as well as your head.
      Alice: That's a little redundant, don't you think?
      Will: Depends on which one you lose first.

    • The Knave: How about I give you a free swing?
      Cyrus: No, thank you.
      The Knave: Seriously--I don't mind.
      Cyrus: I do.
      The Knave: Why, because you're not a lover, not a fight, and all that?
      Cyrus: I don't want to carry you you around for the next five hours.

    • The Knave: You're a bloody monster.
      Jabberwocky: Nobody's born a monster. We're made. A product of a cruel world... filled with cruel people.

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