Once Upon a Time in Wonderland

Season 1 Episode 2

Trust Me

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Oct 17, 2013 on ABC

Episode Recap

Many Years Ago

In the kingdom of Agrabah, Jafar visits a local merchant, Farzeen Shahmed. Jafar says that he's there to make a purchase and comments on how richly furnished Farzeen's home is. The sorcerer says that Farzeen has everything he could ever wish for and asks if he has someone who grants him wishes. The merchant insists that he merely makes good investments, and then excuses himself to check the teapot in the kitchen. Once he goes into the next room, Farzeen takes out Cyrus' bottle and releases him. He tells the genie that the man he was warned about is there and Cyrus assures him that he'll protect him. Farzeen refuses and uses his last wish to send the genie as far away as he can go. Cyrus and the bottle disappear just as Jafar bursts in. When he realizes that his prey has escaped him, Jafar magically pins Farzeen to the wall and demands to know where the genie is. When the merchant admits that he doesn't know, Jafar kills him.

Cyrus' bottle lands in a hedge maze in Wonderland.


In Wonderland, Alice is practicing with a sword when the Knave wakes up. She explains that they've been there too long already and that her enemies will soon find them. Alice plans to find Cyr's bottle and make three wishes, drawing Cyrus back. Once he is there, they will be together. The Knave reminds her that she said wishing was dangerous, but Alice assures him that as long as he wishes for something small and harmless, nothing bad should happen. When he points out that he'll control the genie, Alice says that she'll just have to trust him. As for the bottle, Alice tells the Knave that it is buried beneath the Tumtum Tree in the Mimsy Forest. The White Rabbit is dozing nearby and Alice says that they'll leave him there so he won't slow them down. However, the White Rabbit is actually awake and has everything Alice said.

Cyrus wakes up in his cage and clutches at the necklace binding him and Alice together.

At the Red Queen's castle, her highness listens, bored, as her subjects complain about their problems. Everyone freezes suddenly and the Red Queen, realizing who is responsible, calls to Jafar. He stops out and wonders why she spends her time with peasants when she can simply seize power. Jafar demands that she fulfill her end of their bargain and give him the genie's bottle. The Red Queen has him confirm that he can change the rules of magic, making the impossible possible. However, he needs the bottle to do it, and tells her to stop wasting time with peasants. Jafar incinerates the peasants with a gesture and leaves.
As Alice and the Knave head for the Mimsy Meadow, the Knave warns that Cyrus may have changed and moved on. Alice doesn't believe it and insists that something has happened to Cyrus, and that they had something special. The two travelers emerge from the forest and discover that their path is blocked by a huge lake.

The Tweedles are scouring the Red Queen's feet when the Rabbit arrives and tells her that everything is happening exactly as she predicted. The Red Queen demands to know where Alice and the Knave are and the Rabbit reluctantly tells her where they can be found.

Alice suggests that they swim across the lake rather than take two extra days to walk around. The Knave admits that he can't swim and suggests that they walk anyway, but Alice says that she'll summon the fairy. She claps her hands and glares at the Knave until he does the same. The "ferry" arrives: a real fairy. She lands and introduces herself as Silvermist, and then recognizes the Knave and slaps him. Gaining control of her temper, Silvermist says that she's a professional and that she'll fly them both across. Alice has no choice but to tell her where they're going and the fairy uses pixie dust to lift them into the air and take them with her.

In Jafar's dungeon, another prisoner sits in a cell near Cyrus' cell. The old prisoner suggests that they continue their game of chess, but Cyrus takes out a piece of paper and starts to write on it.


Cyrus gives Alice the three wish gems, and she releases the Rabbit that she captured earlier. He apologizes for luring her away but Alice assures him that she followed him. Once he leaves, Alice asks Cyrus what happens now and he tells her the four things that he can't do. He also explains that once Alice makes her third wish, he returns to his bottle until someone else finds him. Alice wonders if she can wish him free and Cyrus warns that such wishes always go bad, because the more powerful the wish, the more dangerous the consequences. Cyrus suggests that they go for a walk and he can make suggestions, and Alice gladly accepts.


As they fly across the lake, the Knave tries to make amends to Silvermist, who drops him into the lake. She assures Alice that he deserved it, but Alice warns that the Knave can't slim. The fairy is unimpressed so Alice drops into the water to rescue her companion. She pulls him to a small rock outcropping in the middle of the lake and asks what he did to Silvermist. The Knave says that what she remembers of her time with Cyrus may be in her mind, and he's just in it for the wishes.


As they have dinner at a tavern, Cyrus explains that someone is already after him so they can get the wishes. He tells Alice that Jafar is after him and warns her to avoid the sorcerer at all costs. Alice suggests that he go back in the bottle, and Cyrus says that it is the most freedom he's had in a long time. She sympathizes, and Cyrus wonders why she wants to return. Alice says that she has nowhere else to go and the genie offers to show her the whole world. When she wonders if he's slain a dragon, Cyrus says that it requires swordplay and asks how she's survived. Alice says that she's been creative, and Cyrus offers her a paper rose. He explains that he picked it up in his travels, after his owners have made their wishes and moved on. Alice asks him to teach her swordplay and Cyrus agrees.


Jafar returns to see the Red Queen, well aware that she knows where the genie's bottle is. She points out that she's doing all of the work and has needs, and wants proof he can satisfy them. As the Red Queen starts to walk away, Jafar freezes her in place and warns her that she only breathes on his sufferance. When he releases her, the Red Queen tells him that it's in Mimsy Meadows.

Alice wonders how they'll escape and the Knave tells her to give her a minute... or two. She stomps on the outcropping in frustration and it shakes, knocking them off. As they climb back up, Alice realizes that it's not an island. She tells the Knave to hold on tight and then dives into the water... and onto the head of the Mock Turtle. Prodding it with her sword, she tells it to take them where she wants to go.


Cyrus shows Alice how to fight with a sword and she quickly takes to its use. As they spar, Alice explains that her mother died when she was born and she learned how to play the piano to make her father happy. Cyrus disarms her and tells her to be creative, advising her to always know what she's up against. He pins her to a tree and Alice says that she knows what his weakness is. She kisses him and after a moment, Cyrus kisses her back.


Once they reach shore, Silvermist appears and says that she's learned that the Knave has a bounty on his head compliments of the Caterpillar. The Knave tries to apologize but Silvermist says that his lover Anastasia used up his heart. After a moment, the Knave says that he doesn't feel anything and he's a right bastard. However, he asks Silvermist to help Alice because she's a good person and shouldn't have to suffer for his actions. The Knave apologizes, sincerely this time, and she tells them to go on their way. Once Silvermist is gone, Alice asks if he was apologizing and the Knave tells her not to dwell on it. She asks who Anastasia was but the Knave refuses to discuss it.


Sometime later, Alice wakes up to Cyrus and asks what they'll do. Cyrus tells her that it's time to make her wishes. When she wonders what she's done wrong, Cyrus admits that he's falling in love with her and he can't allow it because she'll make her wishes and move on. Alice says that she won't make her wishes, but Cyrus warns that everyone makes their wishes eventually and moves on. She asks him to trust her and promises to never leave him if he never leaves her. They kiss and then Cyrus says that they'll bury the bottle.


Jafar flies to the Mimsy Meadows and releases a wave of beetles into the ground at the Tumtum Tree to find the bottle. Alice arrives and watches from hiding, and the Knave warns that they're too late. She tells her companion that the bottle isn't there, and that she told everyone where she was heading so she could see their enemy. Alice knows of Jafar and tells the Knave that now she trusts him and they'll go to where the bottle is really hidden. They go to where it's buried near the DandeLion, only to discover that someone has dug up the bottle. Alice wonders if Cyrus has took it and has moved on after all.

In his silver cage, Cyrus clutches an origami bird and braces himself. He then extends his hands past the silver bars, screaming in pain and releasing the bird to fly off on its own. Jafar storms in and pulls Cyrus over, and demands to know he can find the bottle. He chokes the genie and warns that he'll kill Alice in front of her unless he talks. The Red Queen comes in and says that she has the bottle. She warns Jafar to stop underestimating her and says that they're going to play a new game now. The Red Queen admits that she doesn't trust Jafar because their relationship isn't mutually beneficial. Now she has what Jafar wants, and he has the genie she wants. With that, the Red Queen walks away.

As night falls, Alice says that she and Cyrus were the only two who knew where the bottle was buried. The Knave suggest that they get some shelter but Alice doesn't see the point and walks off.

The Red Queen returns to her throne room and the Rabbit points out that he has fulfilled his obligations. However, she refuses until she has what she wants. The Red Queen asks how he knew where the bottle was really hidden, and the Rabbit says that he saw them when they buried it.


As they prepare to bury the bottle, Cyrus warns that someone will always be coming for him. Alice is confident that their love is strong enough to give them their freedom, and Cyrus promises that he'll never leave her. She hands the bottle to him and they bury it together. Once they leave, the White Rabbit emerges from hiding and heads for home.


Alice and the Knave make camp for the night and he advises her to go to sleep. He finally apologizes for giving her the idea that Cyrus could have moved on. Alice figures that he knows about heartbreak and asks her about Anastasia, and the Knave only says that it's a tale of heartbreak. He assures Alice that when someone truly loves another, they can never move on. Alice says that her father moved on and now it's happening again. The origami bird flies down and Alice opens it up. Instead is a message from Cyrus, saying that he loves her. He begs her to go home so that he won't be responsible for her demise.

The Red Queen seals the bottle away in the chest.

Jafar goes to his workshop and searches through a tome.

Alice tells the Knave that Cyrus is alive, writes that she's coming for Cyrus, and sends the note back where it came.

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