One Day at a Time

CBS (ended 1984)




Episode Guide

  • Season 9
    • One Day at a Time Reunion
    • Another Man's Shoes

      Schneider's brother has passed away, and he travels to a run-down Daytona Beach boardwalk with plans to accompany his young niece and nephew to Oregon to live with their aunt. While there he discovers the kids don't want to move and gets to know the eccentric residents, causing him to consider the possibility of moving there to raise the kids himself.

    • Off We Go
      Off We Go
      Episode 21
      Ann gets a job offer in London and ponders taking it. Despite getting nagged by her mother, she decides to accept the job. This leads her to wonder how she's going to tell the rest of her family that she's leaving.
    • The Nearness of You

      Working side by side with Barbara at the travel agency has caused Max to become attracted to her.  His attempts to keep his feelings bottled up prove to be in vain when Mr. Gonagin assigns the pair to travel to Mexico.

    • Meaning of Life
      Meaning of Life
      Episode 19

      While repairing a light fixture at the apartment Schneider is accidentally electrocuted when Barbara flips the light switch, but luckily Sam is able to resuscitate him.  After regaining consciousnesses, he recounts a unique out of body experience that weighs heavily on him long after the incident.

    • Up in Smoke
      Up in Smoke
      Episode 18

      Sam celebrates a successful business dinner date by lighting up his first cigarette in six years.  But when he has the urge to continue smoking, he finds his willpower has gone up in smoke.

    • Bring in the Clowns

      Francine arrives at the Royer house to find Barbara sporting a cast on her arm.  Through the use of an episode-long flashback, Barbara explains how it resulted from Mark's visiting high school friends, who are wearing out their welcome with a nonstop string of practical jokes.

    • Ave Romano
      Ave Romano
      Episode 16

      Out of the blue, Grandma Romano is visited at the Royer home by a travelling Italian priest named Anthony Romano, who claims to be her distant relative. While just about everyone takes an immediate liking to him, Mark has grave doubts about the man's sincerity when he asks to stay at the house to research the possibility Katherine may be the heir to a large Italian estate.

    • Parting Company
      Parting Company
      Episode 15

      Ann can't stand Francine's new boyfriend, a pompous ad executive from Chicago.  She makes her hatred for the man quite clear when Francine announces they are getting married - by demanding the immediate dissolution of their business partnership.

    • Woman of the House
      Woman of the House
      Episode 14

      Barbara, Mark, and Max all agree they like the fact Grandma Romano cheerfully does all of their chores while she's babysitting Annie. However, Barbara becomes enraged when the two men take it upon themselves to invite Grandma Romano to move in, rightfully fearing she's going to lose control of the household and the arrangement will end in disaster.

    • Fifty
      Episode 13
      Schneider has a sentimental reunion with his high-school love, who pays him a visit on his 50th birthday, bringing along her own cherished memories of their past.
    • Never Hire a Relative

      Having just leased a room adjoining their current office, Ann insists on hiring Schneider to simply install a doorway into the new room, while Francine wants to remodel the entire floor space into an elaborate suite that she insists will take their ad agency to the next level. Adamant that Ann is "stagnating", Francine goes behind her back and hires Sam to draw up plans for a suite.

    • Dear Max
      Dear Max
      Episode 11

      Grandma Romano's birthday party is interrupted when Max receives a special delivery letter from Julie, declaring that she has left him and the baby for good. Despite the compassion the rest of the family shows for him, he is quick to conclude his only option is to move back to Texas to raise Baby Annie by himself.

    • Sam's Apartment
      Sam's Apartment
      Episode 10

      Sam receives a phone call in the middle of the night concerning a burglary and dashes out of the apartment without telling anyone, leading the family to worry and come up with crazy theories. It turns out Max has broken into Sam's old apartment to get away from Julie, which is the least of Sam's problems since he now has to explain to Ann why she's the last to know he's kept his old bachelor pad.

    • Not a Creature Was Staying

      Sam secretly arranges with Max to take Ann on a 3-day Christmas cruise, to help cure her of the blues caused by the rest of the family going out of town.  But when the family members begin changing their plans to stay home, Sam has a change of plans too.

    • Travel Agent
      Travel Agent
      Episode 8

      Barbara's depressed about being in a dead-end job, and Mark tries to cheer her up by taking her on a vacation. While at the Gonagin travel agency, Barbara seizes an opportunity to fill in for the owner while he's out of town, but becomes overwhelmed when his secretary goes into labor early and she's left to fend for herself.

    • Baby Love (2)
      Baby Love (2)
      Episode 7

      Eager to start a family, Barbara and Mark learn the only way for a quick and inexpensive adoption is to consider an older child.  After watching the introduction video for a five-year-old Hispanic boy, the couple is convinced he's the one they want.

    • Baby Love (1)
      Baby Love (1)
      Episode 6

      Barbara agrees to sit Baby Annie for the very first time while Max and Julie are out of town for the weekend. Despite some initial worries Barbara has the time of her life, but frustration over her inability to have a child her own leads to an explosive argument with Max when he returns.

    • Worried Heart
      Worried Heart
      Episode 5

      Ann's imagination begins to run wild when she finds out from Mark that the female associate Sam has just left on a business trip with was also his ex-girlfriend. In the middle of the night, she finds out in a shocking way that the woman's current boyfriend is also having the same issues.

    • The Bedtime Story

      Julie is beginning to lose patience with Max's inability to make any money from his writing, to the point she has to secretly borrow $200 from her mother to make ends meet. When Barbara becomes enthralled with an original bedtime story she's telling to baby Annie, she suggests Julie collaborate with Max to get it published, with disastrous results.

    • The Dentist
      The Dentist
      Episode 3

      While Mark is consumed with fear that he's in over his head financially on the eve of the opening of his dental practice, Barbara's equally concerned about the attractive woman he's interviewing to be his receptionist.  All the aggravation causes Mark to snap - and declare he's quitting dentistry.

    • Take My Ex
      Take My Ex
      Episode 2

      Sam's ex-wife Marge visits the apartment looking for real estate advice, and Ann can't help but notice how much Sam pampers and babies her. When Sam obliges Marge's request to fix her car, Ann's "inner little girl" finds it impossible to continue withholding her displeasure about how little Sam pays attention to her own needs.

    • Shakedown
      Episode 1

      A week after getting married, Sam and Ann find adjusting to married life anything but smooth, as they constantly bicker about each other's quirks and Sam throws Schneider's passkey out the window. Ann fears the situation may be spiraling out of control when Sam brings back a pair of lost dogs to the apartment.

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