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  • My mom wouldn't let me watch this.

    For some reason, my mom did not want me to watch One Day At a Time when I was a child. I could watch Three's Company. I watched Johnny Carson and SNL. But she did not want me watching this. I always wondered what was so bad about it. First, I loved Schneider. The sisters were interesting, particularly Barbara (Valerie). I thought Julie (Mackenzie) was extremely charismatic. And I loved Ann. She was kind of the mom I wished I'd had, with the humor and the patience.

    I just caught an episode of this on TV and was a little shocked at the stories for the 1970's. It was really challenging to see the daughter get mad because mom didn't want her to get married and to run away. It was hard seeing the kids trying to make sense of how their dad stayed the night, and thoughts of their getting back together raced through theirs heads. I felt real emotion of heartbreak that a parent or child or a kid may have felt, all the same time.

    While kind of innocent but seemingly sexy Three's Company would have been on ABC, these sad stories with real emotion played on CBS. Oh and don't even talk about Maude. I wasn't even allowed to watch that.
  • Valerie Bertinelli on network television...need I say more

    Bonnie Franklin as a fiesty mother of two, redhead,with a temper to match along with a teenage Valerie Bertinelli and Mackenzie Phillips. Along with Pat Harrington Jr. a truly awesome cast to begin with, then ove the years additions in the form of husbands for both the girls and several gentlemen friends for the mother along with the visiting father of the girls from time to time as the situation and the scripts called for. A show that was comedic as well as dramatic as the situation required and the cast did an admirable job of maintaining this ride on one of the first tv dramedies of all time.
  • The three actresses are the reason why I tune in the Show

    The reason why I love 'One Day at a Time" are the three actresses on the show. Bonnie Frankin, Valerie Bertinelli and Mackenzie Phillips. If you ask me, the three women are the sexiest on television. Valerie and Mackenzie are hot, but Bonnie Franklin is the hottest. I don't care what anyone thinks, the reason why I tune in are the three actresses that I love. I don't care what the episodes and the issues are, I just want to tune in to see what Bonnie's wearing. You can look at "Charlie's Angels," I got my angels right here. Bonnie, Valerie and Mackinzie.
  • A decent 70's sit com about a divorced mother living in an appartment with two teenage daughters.

    A decent 70's sit com about a divorced mother living in an appartment with two teenage daughters. Bonnie Franklin stared as the mother Ann Romano. Her daughters were played by Valerie Bertinelli (Barbara) and Mackenzie Phillips (Julie). Both of those young ladies are quite famous. Valerie married rock star Eddie Va Halen. Mackenzie is the daughter of John and Michele Phillips from the music group The Mamma ans the Pappas. The building superintendant was played by Pat Harrington Jr. (Dwayne Schneider). he was a odd character always on the hunt for a woman. The rest of the cast included Michael Lembeck as Max Horvath, Howard Hesseman as Sam Royer, Shelley Fabares as Francine Webster and Nanette Fabray as Katherine Romano.

  • A Groundbreaking show

    This show is a groundbreaking show where being single and
    With kids is ok. Because a show like this never, ever, was
    Heard of at the time. It focuses on Ann Romano, a divorcee
    Who moves with her two daughters, to start a brand new life in hopes of making things better between the three of them.
    The show "Jumped the shark" due to Mackenzie Philipps drug use and trying to get clean.
    But still a great show and groundbreaking!
  • The single life

    I found that this show was a breath of fresh air. There were not to many shows on at that time will to take on the challange of having a single mom as the main character and to show the struggles and rewards that come with that position. The crew worked well together as the bantering seemed almost natural. It gave a start to several great stars. It ended way before it's time.
  • Divorcee Ana Romana raises two daughters Julie and Barbara in a small apartment as they try to make it One Day At A Time.

    For some odd reason, I don’t recall One Day At A Time being knee-slapping funny, yet I know it wasn’t a snoozer either.

    I was rather young during the One Day… heyday, but I do remember that watching this show was a regular routine in our household.

    I remember watching Julie and Barbara, and that Mother Ana was rather strong minded in her demeanor. And lest not forget the interesting Superintendent of the building, good ol’ Schneider.

    While I know at the time, One Day…. was a driving force for evening television – I wonder how it would uphold against today’s competition. But when I think about it, One Day… would probably blow the competition away. Classic clean laughs such as the one’s given during an episode of One Day…are nowadays hard to come by.

    So while One Day might not provide you with the latest fashion tips like Will & Grace; it will give you a few dated wholesome laughs that can curveball a slow evening into Family Fun – and that might make watching the show worth while.
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