One Day at a Time - Season 4

CBS (ended 1984)




Episode Guide

  • Schneider Gets Fired

    Ann and Schneider concoct a scheme when her overzealous support for his pay increase demand from the building's brand new owner leaves Schneider without a job and Ann without an apartment.

  • Grandma Leaves Grandpa
    Ann is all set to go away for the weekend to a ski lodge, however her plans are put to a halt when Grandma Romano drops by with the announcement that she's left Ann's father and now would like to stay with Ann and the girls. Not quite taking her seriously, Ann is dealt a blow of reality when her father drops by needing a place to stay as well.moreless
  • Fear of Success
    Fear of Success
    Episode 24

    Ann gives Mr. Davenport her two week notice after getting a lucrative offer to run the public relations department at a fast-growing computer firm, not fully realizing what she's getting herself into.


  • The Graduation
    The Graduation
    Episode 23
    Barbara's high school graduation has arrived and she's all excited, except for two issues. First, she's unsure if she wants to attend the University of Wisconsin, like her father did and second she's up in arms, trying to make a decision on whether to hang out at a party with friends or one with just family after graduation.moreless
  • Mad for Each Other
    Mad for Each Other
    Episode 22
    Julie falls for an egotistical filmmaker whose temperament exactly matches her own.
  • The Broken Nose
    The Broken Nose
    Episode 21

    Barbara's chosen to be her school's "trophy girl" and Bob Morton is assigned to do photograph of her at the apartment.  Unfortunately, the photo shoot is abruptly cut short when Schneider accidentally slams a door in her face.

  • The Piano Teacher
    The Piano Teacher
    Episode 20

    When her new neighbor's baby grand piano is accidentally delivered to her apartment, Ann reluctantly agrees to take piano lessons from the newly-divorced man as compensation for the inconvenience... which only seems to grow by the minute.

  • The Dental Hygienist
    Only hours after they meet, Ann's old pal and Schneider are ready to sail off on a romantic cruise.
  • Francine Strikes Again

    A Connors and Davenport employee leaves the firm to start his own PR agency, and promptly steals Ann's biggest account.  She comes up with fresh new ideas to win the account back, but Francine Webster plans to use those ideas and her feminine wiles to get the account for herself.

  • Going Nowhere
    Going Nowhere
    Episode 17

    Julie becomes severely depressed when one of her instructors tells her she's not cut out to be a fashion designer, while Barbara gets an acceptance letter from the University of Wisconsin and Schneider wins a bowling trophy.

  • The Married Man (3)
    The Married Man (3)
    Episode 16

    After an awkward run-in with one of Mark's friends at a Japanese restaurant, Ann plans to call off her affair with Mark. However, she's caught off guard when he breaks the news that he and his wife have agreed to divorce.

  • The Married Man (2)
    The Married Man (2)
    Episode 15

    Ann's devastated after Schneider finds out that Mark the sports writer is married.  However, a heated confrontation with Mark at the apartment doesn't stop her from accepting his invitation to spend the weekend at his family's cabin.

  • The Married Man (1)
    The Married Man (1)
    Episode 14

    Ann goes to the doctor to get her sore shoulder examined, but first gets "examined" by a professional sports writer in the office impersonating the doctor.  Instead of being outraged, Ann finds herself quickly falling in love with him after he apologizes and showers her with unusual gifts.

  • Girl Talk
    Girl Talk
    Episode 13

    Sensing a lack of Christmas spirit in the Romano apartment, Schneider lends Ann and the girls the key to his mountain cabin to spend quality time together at an important juncture in their lives.

  • Hold the Mustard
    Hold the Mustard
    Episode 12

    Bob Morton becomes assistant manager at Quickie Burger and promptly gives Barbara her first job. However, Barbara tests his managerial skills when her work schedule conflicts with a big senior class party.

  • The Arab Connection
    The Arab Connection
    Episode 11

    At the last minute, Mr. Davenport assigns Ann to play hostess to an Arab sheikh, not knowing that the large group of protesters hounding him is being led by Julie.

  • Jealousy (2)
    Jealousy (2)
    Episode 10

    Stubbornly refusing to reconcile with a contrite Julie, Barbara storms out determined to win back Doug and prove she's no longer just her little sister.

  • Jealousy (1)
    Jealousy (1)
    Episode 9

    Having just broken up with Cliff Randall, Barbara meets Doug, the leader of a local rock group, at a party and helps Julie become the group's new singer.  Julie repays the favor by going on a date with Doug behind her back.

  • Peabody's War
    Peabody's War
    Episode 8

    An elderly, wheelchair-bound resident of the apartment complex is being evicted for refusing to pay a rent increase, and the Romanos let him hide in their apartment.  As the cops close in, he takes Schneider hostage and demands to speak with a television reporter.

  • The Dating Game (a.k.a.) Ann's Dating Game
    Ann is interested in a business associate but isn't quite sure how to convey her romantic interest to him. Barbara and Julie suggest that she just make the first move and call him, which she does. However, he isn't quite getting the hints and assumes that when she asks him out the dinner is business instead of pleasure.moreless
  • Yes, Sir, That's My Baby
    Sally, an old school friend of Barbara's shows up for a visit with some news, she's now a mother. Originally, she agreed with the father to give the baby up for adoption but after one look at the baby, decided to keep it. However, the big bombshell is dropped when she mentions that the father is Cliff Randall, Barbara's boyfriend.moreless
  • Schneider's Helper
    Schneider's Helper
    Episode 5
    While he's recovering from a back injury, Schneider needs an assistant maintenance man to help out with his work around the building. Barbara suggests that Schneider hire her disabled friend, Jackie. Schneider reluctantly takes on the kid who does his best to prove he can do the job. However, when there is a gas leak in the building, Jackie's competence is put to the test.moreless
  • Bob's New Girl
    Bob's New Girl
    Episode 4
    Barbara has been steadily dating Cliff and soon finds herself trying to gently discourage Bob from pursuing her. However, Bob is sure he can win her away from Cliff, that's when Ann encourages Bob to perhaps date other women. He does but Barbara's reaction to Bob's new girlfriend is incredibly telling.moreless
  • Ann's Friend
    Ann's Friend
    Episode 3

    Ann's visited by her bubbly married friends from Logansport who have been relentlessly pushing her to find a new husband, and gets an unexpected reaction after explaining to the wife how happy she is as an independent woman.

  • Father, Dear Father (2)

    Julie and Barbara find themselves in an unenviable position as they deal with their inebriated father while their mother prepares to wage a lengthy court battle against him.

  • Father, Dear Father (1)

    Ed shows up with the unsettling news that his business is about to go belly-up and he's planning to cut off child support.