One Day at a Time - Season 6

CBS (ended 1984)




Episode Guide

  • Indianapolis Story
    Indianapolis Story
    Episode 21

    Just as Ann and Nick are about commence a romantic evening, Ann's old boyfriend David Kane shows up after a five year absence, claiming to be passing through on his way to New York. However, he confides in Schneider that he's not going to leave without her.

  • Wicked Ann
    Wicked Ann
    Episode 20

    An elderly resident of the apartment complex dies, giving Nick the opportunity to move into the building. Although this works out great for Ann and Nick, it pushes an emotionally fragile Alex over the edge, causing him to lash out at Ann and attempt to break up her relationship with his father.

  • Small Wonder II
    Small Wonder II
    Episode 19

    Fourteen-Year-Old prodigy Ted Loomis visits the apartment, discouraged that no one will take him seriously despite the fact he is now a college graduate with a business degree. Barbara and Schneider hatch a plan to persuade the executives of a large corporation to consider his reorganization plan, which works so well Ted is put it charge of one of their stores - the one that Barbara works at.

  • Caveat Emptor
    Caveat Emptor
    Episode 18

    Ann and Nick land an account with a large appliance chain that will net them a $75,000 commission, but they face a moral dilemma when it becomes evident their ads are facilitating a bait and switch.

  • Alex's Project
    Alex's Project
    Episode 17

    Nick, convinced his son is a goof-off, tyrannically demands Alex put more effort into his science project. As it becomes apparent this approach isn't working, Ann and Schneider struggle to withhold their criticism of Nick's parenting skills.

  • Once a Mom
    Once a Mom
    Episode 16

    Ann is bedridden with the flu, and reluctantly let's her mother do what she does best - baby her. But Ann regrets this the next morning when Katherine decides to turn off her alarm clock and take the phone off the hook, causing Ann to miss a critical meeting with a potential client.

  • Out of Bounds
    Out of Bounds
    Episode 15

    Beerbelly's wife, dissatisfied with her marriage, makes a play for Schneider.

  • A Tiny Romance
    A Tiny Romance
    Episode 14

    While preparing for a business trip with Nick to Chicago, Ann convinces herself that their constant bickering is caused by his frustration that she hasn't made a move on him.  However, she's the one who gets upset when she finds him spending the night with a woman.

  • I Do, I Do
    I Do, I Do
    Episode 13

    Barbara joins a committee to assist a young man who is about to be deported to a country that has vowed to make him a political prisoner. When she suggests that he could avoid deportation if he got married, she ends up also drawing the short straw to become his wife.

  • Five Fingered Discount

    While out shopping with Barbara, Grandma Romano is accused of shoplifting a blouse but avoids prosecution by convincing store security she simply got distracted. However, when Barbara later finds out her grandma gave a set of expensive stereo headphones to Schneider, she realizes that the incident was no mistake and feels compelled to tell Ann.

  • November Song (2)
    November Song (2)
    Episode 11

    A month into their relationship, Schneider finds himself falling in love with Jeannie and is unable to go on a fishing trip knowing she's alone in his apartment with her male high school friend. After eavesdropping on a conversation she has with Ann and Barbara, he's convinced the solution to his jealousy is to propose to her.

  • November Song (1)
    November Song (1)
    Episode 10

    Schneider begins seeing a 22-year-old freelance photographer he assisted when her car broke down on the side of the highway. His reservations about a cross-generational relationship seem to vanish when she asks to move in with him.

  • Sunday Father
    Sunday Father
    Episode 9

    Alex confides in Barbara that he would rather go to a Pacers' game with his friends rather than spend the weekend skiiing with his recently divorced father.  Barbara encourages Alex to let his feeling known, but this only results in a heated exchange and Alex running away.

  • A Shot in the Dark
    A Shot in the Dark
    Episode 8
    Former tenants ask Schneider to help them conceive a child through artificial insemination.
  • The Drop Out
    The Drop Out
    Episode 7
    Barbara's search for an interesting major leads her to the conclusion that she's not ready to continue her education.
  • Merry Widow
    Merry Widow
    Episode 6

    Katherine is chronically depressed six months after the death of her husband, and Schneider volunteers to take her to a White Elephant sale to cheer her up. However, his efforts work so well that she proposes to him and he has to find a way to let her down easy without plunging her back into depression.

  • Farewell, My Suite
    Farewell, My Suite
    Episode 5
    Ann and Barbara return from a weekend trip to find they've been robbed with Schneider's assistance.
  • Ann Meets Nick (2)
    Ann Meets Nick (2)
    Episode 4

    Ann's infuriated when Nick takes it upon himself to use their payment for a successful collaborative ad campaign to lease an office to start a permanent partnership; Barbara's conscripted to babysit Nick's son, Alex.

  • Ann Meets Nick (1)
    Ann Meets Nick (1)
    Episode 3
    Ann's attempts to land her own advertising accounts lead to repeated run-ins with an irritating commercial artist.
  • The Amarillo Connection
    Thanks to Ann's hard work, Connors & Davenport has just landed a brand new account and Ann is all excited about the possibilities of a promotion. She soon finds herself battling with Francine over it, but ultimately she gets it, but soon discovers she'd rather not have it, since it means moving to Amarillo, Texas.moreless
  • Teacher's Pet
    Teacher's Pet
    Episode 1
    Barbara went all out on a paper for a government class and ends up with a D. When she goes in to see her professor, she soon discovers, that she certainly can get a higher grade on her paper, that is if she accepts her professor's advances. Later, Barbara determines to bring him to justice and files a complaint against him.moreless