One Day at a Time - Season 7

CBS (ended 1984)




Episode Guide

  • It's in the Cards
    It's in the Cards
    Episode 25

    Ann suggests that her mother take a class at the local community college to cure her boredom.  Instead, Katherine takes Tarot Card reading lessons and uses her new skills to convince Schneider that a mobster is coming after him to collect on a 25-year-old debt.

  • Hear Today, Gone Tomorrow

    Schneider's been doing strange things lately, and after a lot of poking and prodding, Grandma Romano figures out that he's suffering from hearing loss.  Despite everyone's encouragement, he's unwilling to do anything about it, even when a doctor tells him he's going deaf and surgery may be his only option.

  • Orville and Emily
    Orville and Emily
    Episode 23
    The annual variety show for the Park Utopia senior-citizens hotel takes place.
  • Vegas (2)
    Vegas (2)
    Episode 22

    Ann is floored when Barbara calls from Vegas with news hat she and Mark are going to get married at a 4 AM ceremony at the Lucky Seven Chapel. After getting hung up on by her irate grandmother, Barbara decides to cancel her quickie wedding, but not before the rest of the family has already arrived in Las Vegas.

  • Vegas (1)
    Vegas (1)
    Episode 21

    Mark wins a trip for two to a dentistry convention in Las Vegas, which comes just in time for Barbara, who is being hounded by Ann to make decisions on every minute detail about her wedding day. But it also presents a problem for the couple, as they desperately try to fight their urge to consummate their relationship with over seven weeks to go before the ceremony.

  • Hardball
    Episode 20
    Alex is desperate to find a new coach for his softball team and tries to recruit Ann and Barbara. Meanwhile, Max arrives in Indianapolis on a business trip and stays at the Romano apartment. He quickly gives in to Alex's offer and becomes the new coach. However, this may prove to be a bad move on Alex's part, since Max wants to bench the inadequate player.moreless
  • Meow, Meow
    Meow, Meow
    Episode 19

    As Ann approaches her 40th birthday, she tries to prove to herself she's still got it by battling Francine for the affections of a prospective client.

  • The Defector
    The Defector
    Episode 18
    Ann prepares her home for a visit from a Russian women's basketball team. When the team arrives, one member, Olga takes a liking to Schneider. When Schneider reciprocates, Olga makes a decision, to defect and marry Schneider which infuriates Ann.
  • Diamonds Are Forever

    An argument erupts between Mark and Barbara when he decides to go ice fishing with Schneider and Alex instead of waiting around the apartment to meet Grandma Romano, resulting in the conversations of the separate threesomes to be dominated by the topic of marriage.

  • Mrs. O'Leary's Kid
    Mrs. O'Leary's Kid
    Episode 16

    While poking around in Schneider's camper, Alex and his friend try smoking some of his cigarettes and accidentally set the camper on fire, causing severe smoke damage to the ground floor of the apartment building and killing a pet canary. Alex only compounds his trouble by withholding the truth until after he's hailed a hero for helping evacuate the residents.

  • Barbara's Crisis
    Barbara's Crisis
    Episode 15
    Barbara is a little nervous about an upcoming doctor appointment with her gynecologist. Later, Barbara has heartbreaking news to break to Ann and Mark; it seems that she may not be able to conceive a child. This throws all her plans up in the air and she fears that her relationship with Mark will be over when he finds out.moreless
  • Grandma's Nest Egg
    Grandma's Nest Egg
    Episode 14

    Francine's father is in town, and immediately hits it off with Ann's mother while Francine is busy with work. However, Francine fails to mention that her father is a professional con artist until after she finds out about the relationship, by which time it may already be too late.

  • Ann's Failure
    Ann's Failure
    Episode 13

    Barbara and Mark's engagement announcement is spoiled by Ann, who is feeling depressed and doesn't want to talk about it.  Pressed by Barbara for an explanation, she angrily contends that Barbara is unfit for marriage because of her failings as a mother.

  • Stick 'em Up
    Stick 'em Up
    Episode 12
    Ann, Schneider, Grandma Romano and Bob are all planning a surprise birthday party for Barbara at the sporting good store where she works. Everyone manages to sneak into the store room in preparation, but unwelcome guests arrive and take Barbara at gunpoint in a robbery attempt. Everyone eventually gets locked up in the storeroom but no one is in the mood for celebrations.moreless
  • Gift Horses
    Gift Horses
    Episode 11
    Ann leaves on a business trip just before a storm from two gale forced grandmas, Grandma Cooper and Grandma Romano inundate the Romano apartment. Barbara must bear the brunt of the storm as she soon finds herself being showered with gifts. Grandma Romano buys her an electric organ and Grandma Cooper upstages her by giving Barbara a trip to Hawaii.moreless
  • Not So Silent Partner

    Ann and Francine are on the verge of securing a million dollar account, but the bank turns down the $10,000 loan they need to do the preparation work.  Schneider talks them into letting him loan them the money, only to become an obnoxious and meddling presence around their office.

  • Alex's First Love
    Alex's First Love
    Episode 9

    Alex eagerly anticipates his first date with a girl named Joanne who has asked him to go to the movies.  But Ann fears he may be getting himself into a situation he's not ready for when Joanne turns out to be very physically mature and aggressive for her age.

  • Plain Favorite
    Plain Favorite
    Episode 8
    Ann's cousin Sophie stops in Indianapolis for a visit. She quickly hits it off with Schneider after displaying her knowledge of hardware and they begin seeing each other. However, an upcoming dance at Schneider's lodge has him in quandary. Should he take Maxine, a girl who he considers flashy and attractive or Sophie who he considers rather plain and mousy?moreless
  • Dinner at Seven (2)

    A week after her disastrous date with Mark, Barbara is still letting the experience negatively impact every aspect of her life. Inspired by Francine Webster's advice, Barbara uses Alex's ratty baseball uniform in a plot to get Mark to come to dinner at the apartment, naively thinking it's the only way she can get him off her mind.

  • Dinner at Seven (1)

    Barbara schedules a dinner date with a dental school student named Mark, but also makes a date for later that night with another guy she's been seeing on weekends, who's come to town a day early. However, Barbara becomes enraged when Mark takes her for a "quick cup of coffee" after dinner - in Kokomo - for the sole purpose of causing her to miss her next date.

  • Julie Shows Up (2)
    Julie Shows Up (2)
    Episode 5

    Julie ponders the fate of her marriage after revealing her affair to Max just as he's walking out the door to embark on a week-long work assignment.  The situation becomes even more complicated when she finds out she's pregnant on the day that Max is to return to Indianapolis.

  • Julie Shows Up (1)
    Julie Shows Up (1)
    Episode 4

    Barbara and Ann return home one evening to discover Julie has become their unannounced houseguest, having left Max because he's hardly ever home and she suspects he's having an affair with one of his many attractive female coworkers. While Ann tries to convince Max to come back and work things out with his wife, Julie lets slip that the only certain transgression in her marriage is that she has had an affair herself.

  • Shake Hands
    Shake Hands
    Episode 3

    With Ann's agency in financial straits after Nick's death, her old nemesis Francine Webster steps in and offers to become her partner. Rightfully expecting an uphill battle to convince Ann to bring her aboard, Francine's planned a scheme to prove her worth.

  • Airport
    Episode 2
    Ann is flying into Indianapolis but her flight has been delayed. This leads Schneider, Barbara and Alex to pass the time waiting in the airport and each one of them has an encounter with the opposite sex, all of which seem promising, but things quickly go awry.
  • Alex Moves In
    Alex Moves In
    Episode 1

    Nick has been killed in a car accident with a drunk driver, forcing Alex to move to Chicago with his mother, who has recently remarried. Unhappy with the situation, Alex runs away, back to Indianapolis to be with Ann and Barbara. Despite travelling to Indianapolis to bring her son back, Alex's mother and Ann agree he would be better off spending the rest of the semester with Ann to give him some much needed stability. However, Ann feels she's made a mistake when he immediately begins causing trouble in the apartment building and at school.