One Day at a Time - Season 8

CBS (ended 1984)




Episode Guide

  • Honeymoon II
    Honeymoon II
    Episode 26
    Ann and Sam leave for their honeymoon and arrive at their destination, a ski lodge. Things immediately get off on the wrong foot as the airline loses Ann's luggage but things get even worse when Sam injures his back on a ski lift which lands him in bed for most of the honeymoon.moreless
  • Second Time Around
    Second Time Around
    Episode 25
    Ann picks up the morning newspaper and is in for a shock, Sam has set a wedding date for the two of them and he hasn't even proposed yet. It seems the two are to get married in three days but Ann is overcome with a case of premarital jitters but they aren't as bad as the jitters that Sam has, who phones a radio talk show for advice.moreless
  • Sisters
    Episode 24

    Mark and Max fall in love with the idea of pooling their resources to rent a house, and impulsively sign a lease without consulting their wives to prevent another couple from beating them to it. Luckily for them, the girls end up loving the place, but Ann has well-founded concerns that the living arrangement will be putting the sisters' relationship at risk.

  • Panzini
    Episode 23
    Ann has been expecting a visit from a top Sicilian designer, named Guido Panzini, who bears a striking resemblance to Schneider. When he arrives, he and Francine immediately hit it off and start seeing each other. This puts a kink in Schneider's plans of romancing Francine.
  • Sonny Boy
    Sonny Boy
    Episode 22

    Schneider couldn't be happier as he and Alex rehearse a corny comedy routine from Schneider's youth for a contest at father-son night at the lodge, but Alex is disturbingly quick to betray his commitment to Schneider when his dream girl invites him to her cabin the same weekend.

  • Buyer's Remorse
    Buyer's Remorse
    Episode 21

    Bob Morton shows up with his new wife Molly, who he just married that morning, while on their way to San Francisco for their honeymoon. Seeing Barbara again rekindles old feelings for her, and causes him to feel he has ruined both his and Barbara's marriage after kissing her in a moment of passion.

  • The Letter
    The Letter
    Episode 20

    Ann receives a letter in the mail postmarked four years earlier, addressed to her mother, mailed by her father while on a trip to Chicago the day before he died. Ann agonizes over whether to open it, fearing it concerns an affair she and the girls have always suspected he was having.

  • A Young Man's Fancy
    A Young Man's Fancy
    Episode 19

    Approaching his 15th birthday, Alex is felling peer pressure to have his first sexual encounter.   But when he strikes out with the school's "girl most likely to," he follows Schneider's advice and makes a play for an older woman - Francine.

  • Social Insecurity
    Social Insecurity
    Episode 18

    Ann worries when Grandma Romano refuses to tell her the reason she hasn't been able to have dinner at the apartment for the past two weeks. After Schneider subtly lets on that he knows why, he takes Ann to the bowling alley - where Grandma Romano is working as a bartender.

  • The Good Life
    The Good Life
    Episode 17

    Sam decides on a whim to spend a month with Ann on a remote South Pacific island, but her obligations prevent her from joining him for a couple of weeks.  When she finally does arrive, she finds Sam has had a dramatic change of plans.

  • The Hero
    The Hero
    Episode 16

    While at the apartment conducting business with Ann, a client chokes on food and has to be saved by Schneider performing the Heimlich Maneuver. He rewards Schneider handsomely with a job as an executive maintenance engineer -  complete with a secretary, a plush office, and a rent-free apartment.

  • Spare the Child
    Spare the Child
    Episode 15

    Ann is outraged to learn Alex is facing corporal punishment at school for skipping class nine days in a row to feed his Pac-Man addiction. She meets with his principal to demand a different form of punishment, only to realize Alex's issues are much more serious when presented with her forged signature on school correspondence and a paid impostor shows up to take Alex's paddling.

  • The Cruise
    The Cruise
    Episode 14

    Grandma Romano returns from a vacation cruise with news that she's marrying the ship's piano player, who is much younger than her.  Ann and Schneider are convinced the man has an ulterior motive and shadow him in the hopes of finding out what it is.

  • Pride and Privacy (3)
    Unable to cope with the pandemonium at her house, Ann takes refuge at Sam's place, until he offers her a solution for which she's completely unprepared.
  • Pride and Privacy (2)

    Just after agreeing to let Mark and Barbara move in until they find a new place, Julie, Max, and the baby show up looking for a place to live because Julie's sublet their Houston apartment to force Max to give up his dead end career and pursue his dream of being a writer. Ann has little choice but to let everyone move back in, at the expense of her own sanity.

  • Pride and Privacy (1)

    Barbara and Mark are forced to spend the night with Ann after their roommate's homemade distillery explodes in the basement of their rooming house. When they later learn the house is being condemned, they scramble to find a new place that will fit into their minuscule budget.

  • First Things First
    First Things First
    Episode 10

    Feeling like a nobody, Barbara applies to become a buyer for the sporting goods store she works for, only to lose out to another woman who has a college degree. She takes this a wake up call to return to school, but soon finds it may be putting her marriage at risk.

  • Miracle of Birth (2)

    After Julie's attempt to "clear the family conscience" only results in her going into labor nine days before her due date, she insists on giving birth in Ann's bathtub.


  • Miracle of Birth (1)

    Julie's arrived in town on short notice with news that she's fallen under the influence of a Yogi who's convinced her and Max to live a life of meditative peace and to have a natural birth. Ann's leery of this new lifestyle, and Max doesn't help matters when he announces the birth will be taking place under water.

  • Lovers & Other Parents
    Barbara's scheme to get her mother and Mark's newly divorced father together at a dinner party gets faster results than she anticipated.
  • Auntie Francine
    Auntie Francine
    Episode 6

    Francine agrees to let Alex tag along with her for the weekend, allowing Ann to concentrate on a new ad campaign.  But Ann fears she's made a big mistake when Alex calls with news that he's accompanied Francine to New Orleans on a private jet.

  • Last Time I Saw Paris

    Francine talks Ann into accompanying her on a weekend trip to Paris to research the French market for a potential client.  But Ann's hopes for a dream vacation vanish when Francine comes down with the 24-hour flu right after arriving at the hotel.

  • Catcher in the Mud
    Catcher in the Mud
    Episode 4
    Believing Alex needs a father figure and more male influence, Schneider and his beer-guzzling buddies take him to a female mud-wrestling show.
  • The Honeymoon is Over

    Returning from their honeymoon, Barbara is eager to begin her life with Mark in his rooming house. But she quickly finds life there more challenging than she could have ever imagined, having to give up all of her privacy and finding out one of her new roomies is a naked piano player who once dated Mark.

  • The Perfect Wedding (2)

    Mark sneaks out in the early morning hours of his wedding day to finish his golf tournament, and his best man lets slip to Ann that he might be gone a half hour longer than he promised. With Barbara still a nervous wreck, Ann decides to withhold this information from her as everyone makes their way to the church.

  • The Perfect Wedding (1)

    On the eve of her wedding, Barbara is a bundle of nerves when the wrong wedding cake is delivered, Schneider begins videotaping every moment, and Julie appears ready to go into labor. But the complete opposite can be said of Mark, who heads off to take part in a golf tournament.

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