One Day at a Time

Season 8 Episode 25

Second Time Around

Aired Unknown May 16, 1983 on CBS

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  • Please Ann, Don't get marry Again!/Should Have Been The Series Finale

    The episode where Ann Marie Romano got married should have been the final episode of the series. I don't know why the series went into a ninth season. The final season was terrible. there was one episode I couldn't stand and I had to change the channel. I would rather see "Square Pegs" being granted a second season. Seeing Ann Romano getting married was hard to take. I love the character and I love the actress who play her Bonnie Franklin. When she got married in real life in 1980 ( and I learn the news from a Detroit newspaqper), it broke my heart. That wedding has brough back memories I can remember a poll in TV Guide that came out in 1983 in which people voice their decision on whatever or not Ann Romano should get married. A majority of votes has favored her decision of getting married. I grab a least five TV guide issues and I voted no in each and every one. It didn't do me any good. It was a good episode.