One Foot in the Grave

BBC (ended 2001)


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Episode Guide

  • Season 1
    • Alive and Buried
      Alive and Buried
      Episode 1
      Victor Meldrew, 60 years old, is at last retiring from the rigors of his security guard job at Watson-Mycroft. Replaced by a talking machine, Victor soon discovers that retirement will give him just as much reason to be grumpy.
    • The Big Sleep
      The Big Sleep
      Episode 2
      As retirement throws more problems for Victor Meldrew, including a next-door neighbour's noisy party, a disturbing and puzzling rash and an atheist funeral, has Victor bitten the bullet?
    • The Valley of Fear
      After being mugged while photographing a sunset, and having his house sprayed with the phrase 'The Man Who Lives Here Is A Turd', Victor decides to hold a crime prevention meeting. Things go awry when Victor decides to take back his stolen jacket, and then discovers that Mrs. Warboys has armed herself with a hand grenade.moreless
    • I'll Retire to Bedlam
      After being stuck in the shed for over three hours, then forced to spend an entire day with his eyes closed after a visit to the optemetrist, Victor cannot bear the trials of babysitting.
    • The Eternal Quadrangle
      Although Margaret is glad that Victor finally has a hobby to occupy his time, she is less pleased to discover that it involves painting nudes.
    • The Return of the Speckled Band
      Following a food poisoning incident, problems with the electricity man, the Meldrews embark on a well deserved holiday, however is this only the start of their problems?
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