One Foot in the Grave

BBC (ended 2001)


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  • A Tv series about a senior citizen and what he gets upto in the life or retirement. He can always find something to complain about and always ends up in some kind of trouble.

    A TV series classic about a senior citizen and what he gets upto in the life of retirement. Victor Meldrew is his name and he always finds himself in some kind of trouble. After being forced into early retirement Victor has to try and keep himself occupied, he quickly gets bored with what ever he does and is never happy with the world around him.

    A barrel of laughs throughout the series which includes 7 Christmas specials and 2 Comic Relief specials.

    They truly dont make them like this any more.

    "I Don't Believe..... It"
    (One of Victor Meldrew's quotes that is known the world over)
  • An absolutely brilliant take on character - each one a real gem.

    I watched this series when it first came out, but have just bought and watched the entire DVD collection. I'd forgotten how good it is. Richard Wilson is perfectly cast as the outwardly grumpy Victor, but he's just trying to get on with life after retirement and being faced with the world that doesn't understand him, just as much as he doesn't understand the world!

    What makes this series and all the episodes in it is the way that it combines obvious comedy that any sitcom needs, with total surrealism (OK, it may be not the right definition of that word), but most people don't find themselves buried in the garden with a flowerpot on their head, or receiving hundreds of prosthetic devices through their letterbox thanks to an ill-judged comment whilst the phone was connected.

    That's what really makes it. If it were just about a grumpy older man and his wife, with him just moaning about everything and her being the put-upon one, it would be boring. Thanks to some terrific writing and the acting of all those concerned, it's truly a classic. The situations are comic (something that lots of sitcoms get wrong, just going for jokes instead). I defy anyone to watch these and not laugh - probably out loud.

    The only criticism I have is that the credits say 'starring Richard Wilson...with Annette Crosbie.' To my mind Annette Crosbie is absolutely vital and her performance outstanding. She is the queen of the comedic line met suddenly by pathos. The very last episode is truly moving and funny at the same time. Both of the Meldrews are stars to me.

    Anyway, to anyone not familiar with the series, rush out and buy it. To anyone who is, bask in its bizarreness and enjoy it again.
  • A really funny show.

    One foot in the grave is a really funny tv show. Its about a man and his wife in their sixties, Victor and Margaret which things happen to them all the time like victor getting into fights and alot of other witty stuff. Victor and Margarets neighbours Partrick and Pipa think what a strange man victor is. My favourite episode of one foot in the grave is when victor and Margaret are waiting to talk to a solicitor in the waiting room. Victors fidderling around and breaking things and hes really annoyed having to wait so long. If you have never watched one foot in the grave I would recommend it.

    Its worth while
  • I don't believe it!

    This was a very funny sitcom, and didn't lose its edge or amusement factor over the years that it originally aired. Some of the plots were outlandishly unlikely, and involved just the sort of 'one time in a million' pieces of bad luck that only Victor Meldrew could find himself immersed in.
    Despite centering around the life and trials of a retired grumpy and cantankerous so-and-so, the episodes always had many 'laugh out loud' moments, and this is testament to the fantastic cast involved in the show - all of them. Great actors! Great writers!
    Although it was sad to see it end, it's always nice when a show finishes at its height, rather than running perpetually and getting stale.
    Look out for re-runs. Definitely worth watching.
  • One Foot in The Grave

    This is a great comedy classic from the BBC. It is about a middle aged man called Victor Meldrew who constantly moans at things which is funny especially when he says "I don't believe it" that line is a classic. Its a shame that it ended with Victor getting killed of but it went off with a bang.
  • One Foot In The Grave

    This comedy is really funny. I always watch this show every Sunday night (repeats of it that is) because this is my favourite British comedy and always will be a classic. It is a shame that the show has ended because it was so funny and something to make me laugh when I am in a bad mood.
  • Truely a comedy to watch.

    I only started watching this comedy in its 6th series, but i was hooked almost immediately.
    The show is always amusing from the very beginning.

    The comedy itself builds up each episode, to begin with comical things may happen on their own, alwayas related back to the stra, grumpy old Victor, but by the end of the show, a huge comical event wil occur bringing together all that has happened throughout the show.
    Truely an intelligently written and acted comedy that will always be popular.
    Even the papers were sadened by the show finishing, i htink i myself even felt sad when they killed offf the star of the show, ultimately ending the show with him.
  • Whilst this show was on the air it was possibly the funniest show on television. David Renwick (who also wrote, Hot Metal, and jonathon Creek) is a master writer. One of the best writers of TV shows ever. The Character of victor Meldrew is someone we all

    Somebody who always complains, but in our hearts we know that at least some of the time he is correct in whatever he complains of. In one funny and famous scene, the neighbour from next door, Patrick, is told by his wife that he is turning into victor meldrew but that he does not realise it. We see him staring into a mirror, and through camera trickery Patricks face morphs into that of Victor.
  • Another great BBC sitcom

    One Foot In The Grave doesn't sound like it has the makings of a comedy hit - grumpy old man and his wife? leave off - but bizzarely, it's gone on to be one of the greatest British sitcoms of all-time. It's hard to pinpoint exactly why, but I have a few ideas.

    Firstly, the oustanding acting and character shown by Richard Wilson is fantastic and a joy to watch. He brings Victor Meldrew to life and you can barely watch him for a few seconds before crackign up with laughter.

    Additionally, we have an oustanding supporting cast - Annette Crosbie and Angus Deayton among them - who play to Meldrew very well and are all funny in there own way.

    There's also razor-sharp witty writing, clever and unique storylines and some truly moving episodes thrown in too. Not to mention the theme tune!

    Great show.
  • One of the best

    One foot in the grave is one of the best comedy's around with Victor on his quest to be at war with everybody. There Margeret who is always annoyed with him and Mr Swainy who is one of the only people who likes ictor. One foot in the Grave is a classic and will never die.