One Foot in the Grave - Season 4

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AIRED ON 2/14/1993

Season 4 : Episode 3

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Season 4 : Episode 3

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  • One Foot in the Algarve
    Special feature length episode.

    Victor, Margaret and Jean take a holiday in Portugal to leave the chaos of home life behind for a while. Apparently that's too much to hope for, because Victor's first act in Portugal is to accidentally pimp Mrs Warboys out to one of the locals. That results in the Meldrews being arrested and locked up in jail to rot...or so they think. Later, Mrs. Warboys meets up with her Portuguese pen pal, a lonely man whose wife died falling off a cliff. He's quite obsessed with Mrs Warboys, and Victor begins to suspect that there's more to the story of his wife's death than he's telling. Meanwhile, the random acts of insanity continue as Victor's new aftershave starts attracting donkeys, Victor almost has a fling with a woman he saved from choking, and a paparazzo follows the Meldrews to Portugal believing a roll of film containing some scandalous photos (worth big money) has found its way into Margaret's purse.moreless
  • Comic Relief Special 1993
    Details soon...
  • The Seceret of Seven Sorcerers
    Victor gets a new job as a school crossing guard and learns that the previous guard met a horrible end. Meanwhile, someone keeps making hoax calls to the fire brigade, causing them to show up wherever Victor goes. Later, Victor holds a meeting of his magician's club which results in one member being left locked inside an old trunk in the living room...just as Patrick and Pippa are coming over for dinner with the Meldrews.moreless
  • The Trial
    The Trial
    Episode 5
    Victor is stuck at home waiting for a phone call about Jury duty. He must put up with boredom of not being able to go out, annoyance at having Mrs Warboys phone and tell him about her holiday, and horror at finding a wig in the middle of his loaf of bread.moreless
  • Warm Champagne
    Warm Champagne
    Episode 4
    The Meldrew's return home from holiday, and within five seconds, Victor is arguing with the neighbours. Margaret gets a phone call from a man she met on holiday, and arranges to go on a date with him. As it seems she is about to start having an affair with this man, will she realise how much she loves Victor despite his moanings? Meanwhile Patrick has been writing a diary on his computer about his run-ins with Victor, but when Pippa prints out a letter intended for Victor to send to the local dairy it's not hard to guess what happens next...moreless

    The Heart of Darkness
    The Meldrews literally get into deep water when they get lost on a river cruise with Mrs. Warboys and Nick. Richard Wilson. Margaret: Annette Crosbie. Mrs. Warboys: Doreen Mantle.
  • Hearts of Darkness
    Hearts of Darkness
    Episode 3
    Victor, Margaret, Jean and Mr Swaney decide to go for a drive in the country, but they soon find themselves lost. While looking for help, Victor stumbles on what turns out to be an old people's home where he observes the elderly residents are being mistreated by the staff. Can Victor liberate his fellow pensioners and turn the tables on their would-be captors?moreless
  • Descent into the Maelstorm
    Margaret collapses in bed. She's diagnosed with stress and it's not difficult to find out why. She soon finds that, although life with Victor was pretty tedius before, it's a whole lot worse when she has to cope with him all day. Luckily to keep her sanity she has a visit from a young lady she used to look after and she brings her baby along. But when valuable earings go missing is Victor hiding a dark secret?moreless
  • The Pit and the Pendulum
    Victor's having his back garden dug up, but the man hired to do the job is more interested in flirting with Pippa next door. Patrick has a new pet dog, which wanders into the Meldrew's gaden and picks up a crab from a bag of seaweed. Unfortunately for Patrick, the dog decides to bring him this while he is sleeping in the garden.moreless
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