One Foot in the Grave - Season 6

BBC (ended 2001)


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Episode Guide

  • Comic Relief Special 2001
    Short post-finale outing for the Meldrews in aid of Comic Relief.

    Margaret is visiting a relative in hospital. Victor is his usual self; complaining about everything, and Margaret is her usual self; pretending not to hear him... or is she?
  • Things Aren't Simple Anymore
    Victor decides to attend a school reunion. After no-one shows up at the reunion Victor rings Margaret to pick him up. As Victor patiently waits for Margaret to pick him up, a car's headlights can be seen heading straight towards him, the driver clearly speeding and driving eratically. We see Victor's cap falling slowly into a puddle followed by his lifeless arm.

    Weeks later, Margaret is again talking to Glynis. While getting Glynis some paracetamol for a headache she discovers that it was Glynis that was driving the car that hit Victor - did she overdose Glynis' drink? We were left to wonder...moreless
  • The Dawn of Man
    The Dawn of Man
    Episode 5
    When Victor sees a man throw trash into the river, he decides to teach the man a lesson by dumping worms into his lunch. Meanwhile, Mr. Swainey is moving and he wants Victor to meet the couple who is coming to look at his house. Unfortunately for Victor, one of them has a bone to pick with him. At the Trench household, Patrick manages to get a wine cork stuck up his rear end, and due to a series of misunderstandings, Victor delivers a pornographic videotape to Patrick, believing he is actually Patrick's gay brother.moreless
  • Threatening Weather
    During a power cut, Victor realises that he had been right through the middle of an area affected by a siege as it happened. Making the power cut worse, it occurs on a hot Summer night. Victor had the misfortune to have a light fitting drop right on to his privates, a cigarette stubbed out on his cap and a mysterious pain that leads him to think that he had been shot as he passed the siege that morning. Things were made worse by the arrival of the incontinent, fat and irritating elderly neighbour, Mr. Smedley.moreless
  • The Futility of the Fly
    The Meldrews' new housekeeper writes a play about the many strange things that go on in the Meldrew household, but her colleagues find it way too unbelievable. Who would believe that Victor accidentally sat on Mrs Warboys in the bath on the same night that a deep-fried finger found its way into her fish and chips? Who would believe that Victor could take Mrs Warboys to a tattoo artist, believing he was taking her to the dentist? Naturally no one would also believe Victor would be writing love letters to Mrs Warboys either. However, anything can and does happen at the Meldrew home.moreless
  • Tales of Terror
    Tales of Terror
    Episode 2
    When the main star of Mr Swainey's production of 'Nosferatu The Vampire' doesn't show up, will Victor make an apt replacement for the role of the vampire? After blood was found in Victor's digestive system during a test - he naturally fears the worst, but will doctors discover a more unlikely source for the blood? Later, while on their way to visit the dreaded Ronnie and Mildred once more, Victor and Margaret are shocked to discover that Mildred has killed herself while playing a game of 'Happy Families', but has the dearly departed actually departed yet?moreless
  • The Executioner's Song
    In order to mend some bridges, Margaret and Pippa arrange for a birthday dinner for Patrick with Victor in attendance. Patrick however refuses to attend as he is convinced that Victor is a sociopath intent on destroying him. More surprises are in store when it turns out Margaret's concerns about the restaurant they are dining at aren't unwarranted. Meanwhile, Victor goes art shopping, hoping to find Patrick a gift for his new office wall.moreless