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VH1 (ended 2002)


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  • Season 1
    • VH1's One Hit Wonders Presents: Star Tracks
      A look at actors and actresses who tried to make it big in the music world.
    • Dirty Dancing
      Dirty Dancing
      Episode 16
      This episode spotlights songs from one-hit wonders that got bodies moving on the dance floor.
    • Jock Jams
      Jock Jams
      Episode 15
      Songs known to some as "sports anthems" are spotlighted in this episode.
    • Rock Bottoms
      Rock Bottoms
      Episode 14
      This episode spotlights artists who scored a single hit with a booty-shaking anthem.
    • Goofy Greats
      Goofy Greats
      Episode 13
      Rubik's Cubes. Mood Rings. Pet Rocks. CB Radios. Pac-Man. Fads, trends, and fashions come and go in the blink of the eye, but not before they've been honored with a novelty song. This episode of One Hit Wonders celebrates ten goofy tunes that no longer get played on the radio, but still bring smiles to our faces.moreless
    • Two Timers
      Two Timers
      Episode 12
      Shooting stars: they burn too bright, too fast and quickly burnout. But on occasion, they're superior to one-hit wonders. They score two hits. This episode of One Hit Wonders examines those artists who actually hit twice before they fell out of the spotlight.
    • TV Tunes
      TV Tunes
      Episode 11
      Most memorable television shows had memorable theme songs and some of those songs became hits in their own right. In the case of The Heights' "How Do You Talk To Angels?" the song topped the charts in '92 ... just days after the show was cancelled! In this episode, we examine that angelic smash and other one-hit-wonderful tv themes that had a life beyond the tube.moreless
    • Hip Hop Nation
      Hip Hop Nation
      Episode 10
      Rap was an underground phenomenon until 1980 when Sugar Hill Gang's "Rapper's Delight" became a top forty hit. By the end of the decade, hip hop artists like The Beastie Boys and LL Cool J were regularly invading the charts. In this episode of One Hit Wonders host William Shatner examines those hip hop wonders who won us over only once with dope rhymes and fresh beats, then passed the mic for good.moreless
    • Star Tracks
      Star Tracks
      Episode 9
      What is it that tempts the thespian from the dramatic stage to the recording studio? A need to break character, to show another side? Or is it something as simple as wanting to rock? Whatever the reason, sometimes actors take the musical leap, and the results can be interesting. Thrilling. Illuminating. But more often they create one-hit wonders.moreless
    • Metal Mania
      Metal Mania
      Episode 8
      Maybe it's the tight, spandex trousers, or the big hair, but this is just about everybody's favorite genre. One Hit Wonders examines those flash-in-the-pan heavy metal acts that hooked us with searing power chords and ear-piercing screams, and then disappeared. Get the dirt on these '80s success stories and find out what the artists have been up to since their time in the spotlight.moreless
    • New Wave
      New Wave
      Episode 7
      This episode of One Hit Wonders explores songs from the genre that brought us more bleeps and bloops than a game of Pac-Man. Fire up your synthesizer, wrap on a skinny tie, and do something ridiculous with your hair. It's time for one-hit wonders, new wave style!
    • Disco Divas
      Disco Divas
      Episode 6
      The disco era gave us more than its fair share of one-time stars who sang the songs that got people on the dance floor, kept them there all night, and took them back home again with their sweaty wrap dresses and big collars flapping in the early-morning breeze. Through new exclusive interviews as well as classic performance footage, you'll hear the stories of these unforgettable disco tunes and find out what the artists have been up to since their time in the spotlight.moreless
    • VH1's 100 Greatest One Hit Wonders: Hour 5
      One hit wonders #20-1.
    • VH1's 100 Greatest One Hit Wonders: Hour 4
      One hit wonders #40-21.
    • VH1's 100 Greatest One Hit Wonders: Hour 3
      One hit wonders #60-41.
    • VH1's 100 Greatest One Hit Wonders: Hour 2
      One hit wonders #80-61.
    • VH1's 100 Greatest One Hit Wonders: Hour 1
      The first hour of this special deals with one hit wonders from #100-81.
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