One in a Million (1980)

ABC (ended 1980)


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One in a Million (1980)

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Comedienne Shirley Hemphill who played the overpowering black waitress on What's Happening , got her own comedy series in 1980. In One in a Million down-to-earth cabdriver Shirley Simmons happend to inherit Grayson Enterprises, a multi-million-dollar, white run conglomerate, when one of her customers died. Bald, scowling Mr. Cushing found this quite inexplicable, as he had planned to take over himself, and he was doubly vexed when scrappy Shirley decided to teach the big "en-dustrailists" how to look out for the ordinary people. Barton Stone was the somewhat naive nephew of Mr. Grayson; Nancy, Grayson's secretary and Shirley's ally. Max, the owner of the deli where Shirley hung out. and Edna and Raymond, her parents.

ABC Broadcast History

January 1980......Tuesday 8:30
January 1980-March 1980......Saturday 8:00
June 1980.....Monday 8:00

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