One Life to Live

Season 40 Episode 25

Ep. #10000


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  • OLTL celebrated its 10,000th episode as the Buchanans bid farewell to their beloved patriarch, Asa; Viki and Dorian squared off again; and yet another Buchanan son was revealed.

    OLTL celebrated a milestone with its 10,000th episode on Friday, but even though I enjoyed it, I was a tad disappointed. First off, I really loved the previous episode (#9,999) with Asa's funeral and the return of Cord, Joey, Kevin, Max and Alex. And it was great seeing them again in the following episode.

    However, the big showdown between Viki and Dorian which had been heavily featured in the promos turned out to be nothing spectacular. The hype around Dorian's shocking revelation (that she killed Victor Lord) was neither shocking nor revealed anything. First off, it had already been established years prior that Viki's alter Tori smothered Victor, even though as Viki pointed out, it turned out he didn't really die as he was revealed to be alive in2003. Secondly, Dorian had already admitted to Viki in 1995 that she withheld Victor's medication. So what was the big reveal?

    It seems the idea of them trapped in the wine cellar was a nod to the show's 25th anniversary episode which aired in July 1993, in which Viki and Dorian were trapped together in Victor's secret room in Llanfair. During that episode, the two rehashed 25 years of history (complete with flashbacks) and ended with Viki asking Dorian if she had killed Victor. But alas, the two were rescued before Dorian could answer. But this time, there was nothing new about them being trapped together - other than the fact that Dorian is now dating Clint, Viki's ex. (Interestingly enough, in the 25th anniversary ep, Dorian accused Viki of stealing Clint from her. It seems Clint and Dorian dated briefly before he married Viki). It seems Dorian's tirade to Viki about having only "One Life to Live," was just an excuse to get Viki out of town (in order for Erika Slezak to have her annual vacation).

    Other than that though, the ep was pretty good. Bo had the best story dealing with his ongoing battle with Asa. It seems he finally got the message that Asa did love him after all.

    Also, seeing theBuchanan kids together was a treat, but why was Cord not included? He is after all their older bro. I guess they wanted to put him together with Sarah to establish that relationship, but still there could have been at least one minute.

    As for Nigel's reveal that David Vickers is Asa's son (well that wasn't a surprise to those of us who watched SoapNet Reveals ABC Soap Secrets). But why would Nigel trust Max with this info? Max?! The guy who scammed Asa and Renee into believing he was their long-lost son?

    Some other continuity goofs: Alex told Matthew that she used to be his grandma, but point in fact, Asa and Alex had been divorced years before Matthew was born. Also, Alex asking if Nora and Lindsay were still fighting over Bo seemed odd, considering Alex left town in 1997 a year before Lindsay arrived in Llanview. And during Alex's brief returns in 2001 & 2002,Lindsay and Nora weren't fighting over Bo.

    Oh well, all in all, it was good...