One Life to Live

Season 37 Episode 152

Ep. #9360



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    • Nora: I just wanted to know if my favorite author could sign my copy of her book.
      Marcie: Oh, of course. I'm so glad you came.
      Nora: Oh, I'm sorry I came so late.
      Marcie: No, it's okay. I appreciate the support.
      Nora: Oh, are you kidding me? When Marcie Walsh is very famous, I get to brag that I know her and I'll have the autograph to prove it.

    • Kevin: Ace is my son.
      Adam: Don't even think about calling him a Buchanan. You people are nothing more than a ragtag bunch of Texas hicks. And as far as Cramer is concerned, they give new meaning to the word 'lunatic'.
      Dorian: Oh, Adam, say that again, this time to my face.

    • (Talking to Duke about whether or not he should support Kevin.)
      Nigel: I would never presume to tell you what to do, but I would like to point out that your father did raise you for a year, the first year of your life, and it was terribly painful for him when Miss Lee Ann took you from him after he'd bonded with you, the way he's bonded with Master Ace. And now it looks as if history is about to repeat itself. And if that happens, your father is going to be in emotional free-fall, desperately in need of someone to catch him.

    • Dorian: Go ahead, Adam. Insult the Cramers right to my face.
      Adam: Oh, Dorian, every family, no matter how dysfunctional, has its exceptions, and you are that glorious exception. Unfortunately, this is none of your business.
      David: Well, now, when you insult the Cramers, you make it our business.
      Adam: Talking to you would be a waste of my breath, David.
      David: Continue to talk to me, waste your breath, because if you waste your breath, you just might drop dead.

  • Notes

    • Various All My Children characters appeared on-air during the custody hearing, although many of them did not have any speaking lines.

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