One Life to Live

Season 38 Episode 3

Ep. #9468


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  • Hey! Some good and fun stuff! Yippee!

    I am only going to talk about the Tesh and the Marcie/Hugh stuff. Only really engaging bits, IMO.

    If they'd settle the writing down between Tess and Nash, not to mention clarify a little more the Tess/Jess differences besides Tess=slut/Jess=sobbing victim, I could get behind this couple with practically no worries. Nash isn't being propped to an inch of my life and Forbes March is kinda sweet-handsome. Bree and he also seem to work well together. So, hope for more goodness from them!

    Marcie and ADA Hugh "Yes, it's my real name" Hughes are very cute-looking. Drunken Marcie is a hoot and a half, especially as she does try to stay dignified and in her locked-and-upright position! It wasn't too over-the-top drunk, and Marcie's a gal who has a bunch to unwind about lately, so I give her slack for getting plastered at this juncture.

    Of course, McBain needs to back the flip up and give the woman some freakin' room! He gets up in her grill asking question after question and barely giving her time to calmly answer or answer in any other manner, and he has the nerve to get annoyed? How good of him to 'allow' ('cuz that's the vibe I got from McBain after talking to Hugh) Marcie to sleep off her drunk. Glad Hugh was there to talk man-sense to AlphaMale Numero Uno McBain. Otherwise, I shudder at what Marcie'd have endured til she just passed out on McBain's,um, rear-end.

    The potential of a good, strong,enjoyable triangle with Hugh/Marcie/Michael is ready and set; maybe a quad or quint with Natalie and Ron thrown in for extra fun! I just watch with crossed fingers and hope the base triangle can be written and written where none of the parties are less because they care about someone else, like the way Natalie and Evangeline are written. (Sorry, another rant for another time!)

    *sigh* Hope I get more Marcie and Hugh, at least, and more smart Cramer shenannigans!