One Life to Live

Season 38 Episode 4

Ep. #9469


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  • Same dialogue, different grouping of dayplayers.

    Okay, this episode? Blah is the first impression for me.

    John dismisses the priest out of hand because he's a priest. Now, that's kinda simplistic and has all kinds of actual historical precedence to show John's an idiot to think that way.

    Priests have done evil things before, killing included- whether for a cause they believed was righteous and for less noble causes. Tons of fictional priests have also committed murder and paid tons of punishments. Dimsdale,the preacher in The Scarlet Letter, is a Protestant version. Miss Marple met many kinds of clergy willing to kill. How many native peoples were killed for not converting to one way of percieving The Lord? So I hoped real hard that the priest was the murderer, but knew he probably wasn't. Stoopid John, shut up.

    Slutty Tess gets all shy and demure around Nash?! A bit abrupt, but I'll go along as long as the 'banter' smooths out soon.

    Now I know why Layla's never been mentioned- she's been away in 'Hollywood'- in her mind! The woman sees Hot!Rex and practically jumps him right there, but Cookie harshes her vibe and sets Layla up with....Antonio?! Now, he'd be considered 'safe' because a) Evangeline has represented him as a lawyer and is supposed to know him, b) he's in a well-known relationship with Jessica, and c)Evangeline's goofy in the head herself.

    Yet, after a Disco ChickenDance of Seduction, Layla can't wait to full-court press our upstanding ex-cop,ex-law student, ex-gangbanger into, at least,a one night stand. That's what it seemed to me. Did we need the 'L.A. specific' slang lesson? Did we need the pity "Do your monologue" encouragement? Did we? No. Glad to know little sister is oblivious to the danger Evangeline's in! I mean didn't Aunt Viv tell Layla that Evangeline was not only being stalked by a psychokiller but chosen last in the McBain Girlfriend Contest? This stuff happened a day or two before this flippin' note and B&E, yet Layla is acting like her sister is getting the apartment fumigated- like it's a minor annoyance! GAH!

    Yet, within a couple of hours of meeting this stranger, layla is telling Invisible Jessica that she needs to watch out?! Wow, whotta catch, there boys! Sheesh.

    Ah, but the scenes with marcie, Michael, Hugh, and Roxie saved the show for me! Folks who can handle the range of funny and bring a smile to a face!

    Marcie's giggly drunk was a welcome, continued relief from recent weeks. Roxie's silent and not-so silent reactions are spot on for her! (Love you Ilene!) Hugh's humorous try at keeping Marcie upright as he tried to explain the situation to Roxie and Michael were wonderfully understated. He was the straightman to the talented comedians around him- in these scenes! Hope he gets a chance to unwind a bit in the future. Michael's range from thinking about then denying an attraction to Natalie to troubled concern to pique and hurt, with a healthy dose of love still there, was delightful to see. Mr. Marston still continues to be a reason for me to watch! Glad he's still on.

    Too bad the scenes with John, Evangeline, Bo, the case, and Tess/Nash were recycled dialogue. At lest it felt that way. Things are in a holding pattern for a bit, but there has to be a better way to vamp than the same tired dialogue!

    A new day awaits....