One Life to Live

Season 38 Episode 20

Ep. #9485


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  • Why?

    Okay, alright! Stop hitting me over the head with the Acme anvils, TPTB! I. GET. IT.

    John +Evangeline=4EVAH! Only I don't care. Not about the characters(when I once did), nor the pairing, which will always be the mistaken pair. McNAt, even short-lived, should've happened before this..."romantic" couple hooked up.

    Then Nat wouldn't pine for McBain, who has left her legal husband in freakin' jail!, and draw strength from her mothers, her brothers, her twin sister, and a father she hasn't spent enough time with.

    We get to see Evangeline, a defense attorney and one who represented Mitch Lawrence without a second thought, babble on about how she couldn't stop thinking about John or that John couldn't save her and she'd have to try to be strong all on her widdle own. ::rolls eyes disbelieving:: I'm not only not buying that claptrap from Evangeline, I'not wanting any other female under the age of twenty to think that's The Way Love Is! Good gravy!

    Rex and Marcie just need a one-night stand, which I normally don't condone, and then move on to Adriana and Hugh or Michael, respectively. (Or not! :D )

    I like Marcie and Rex and hope they become the bestest of enemy-buds: folks you wouldn't spit on if they were on fire, but know they shoot straight with you no matter what. Marcie and Hugh, if not to be coupled up, have a lovely friendship blooming that I'd be happy with as well. Love can come later; I can wait.

    Can Antonio BE a bigger chapper of my butt? He practically drooled a river and hyperventilated simultaneously at PoorJess! (as opposed to Tess.) She tried to explain he was in grave danger and he just seemed.... annoyed. Almost a "You're mom had MPD? Geddoutatown!"-type of vibe, a vibe of disbelief. Viki's only publically had to deal with the condition a couple of years back, but maybe he blocked out of his mind because he shot her husband around that time and missed the papers.

    Ah, one more day in the week. Looks like someone might notice a bleeding man. Aw, it's Asa; sorry, Todd- SOL, sweetie.

    Nash! It's a town called Llandview! Find Tess, the One Heir! Get her and save her from Duke Huffsalot! Please?!