One Life to Live

Season 38 Episode 24

Ep. #9489


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  • DDSS-different day, same stuff.

    The reason I chose 'filler' as opposed to the 'already done this episode' is because a soap can write a recycled plot well, if the writers are up to the task. Filler has such a negative connotation that it fits how I feel the episode was.

    We got more of Natalie's only dying thoughts being of John, only we also get a disgusting wedding of John and Evangeline with Viki as apparent Matron of Honor!? Others I know are fanwanking that we only see Nat's thoughts about John, as surely she thinks about her moms, her brothers, her twin sister, her presumed dead husband, and the father she never got a chance to know well. Not that we see it on-screen!

    Then the inane and insane Evangeline vowing to Nora that when natalie's found she's droppin' John like a hot coal, then she's running off and almost mowing down cops in order to get to John, who's found Natalie! The kung-fu kick on the reporter I kinda liked, but why didn't she attempt this on the freakin' KC Killer? Grrr. Loved Officer Henderson, calling his control center about the crazy woman who demolished the roadblock (for NO REASON!)

    The jaw-droppingly boring Kelly Cramer- Industrial Spy? story was a new level of boring. Gee, Kevin calls kelly on something, but exaggerates the level of crap she did. No one believes him and takes up for poor widdle thirtysomething Kelly, who apparently still thinks she's twentysomething and totally helpless when it comes to whatever she chooses to be helpless about that day. I can see her voice that one Barbie that was thrashed for stating "Math is hard!"

    Also? Shut up,Kelly! Dorian and Viki have so many fluids under whichever bridge you want to pick that Dori going to see Viki in a crisis is understandable. In fact it was the best scene in the episode! Dorian looking all 60s formal glam in that lovely blue scoop-necked blouse was amazing, especially with the up-do she had! Viki stated her appreciation for Dorian even coming over, which is true, gracious Viki.

    Marcie/Hugh and Marcie/Nick scenes were very good too. Too bad there was too much Layla, Antonio, and McBain. Otherwise, it could've been a good episode.