One Life to Live

Season 38 Episode 25

Ep. #9490


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  • Natalie is rescued, Antonio snides to Todd about Jessica, Kelly and Kevin bicker, Dorian tries to sell Spencer to two of her girls, Nash makes it to Llandview and overhears a lead to Todd, Jess speaks to her doctor, and Bo and Rex have a heart to heart.

    Again, another filler. Why? The movement of stories was minimal. There's a difference between glacial pacing (see: The Young & The Restless) and enervation.

    The Natalie-in-the-well is over at least. There was some good Viki moments. Bo and Rex had a nice talking scene that didn't involve yelling or McBain. A nice change of pace for those two. We got Jessica at the hospital and able to speak to her doctor about the month of Tess, yet we get a freaked-out response to the doctor talking about integration and confronting Tess. I sort of understand the fear- not sure you want to know what all that nasty bitch did besides sending your mom into a heart attack- but to "get rid" of Tess, you need to confront why she's around in the first place. Surely Viki's struggles are hope enough that you can survive this and beat your metaphorical demons. The howler was Antonio telling Todd in a snotty condescending tone that he could care for Jessica and would Todd just stay out of his favorite niece's life, as he's not needed. Right, like that's gonna happen.

    Also, we found out partly why Todd was blind-sided by Margaret: Antonio doubled Todd's PIs' cash and sic'd them on Jessica's trail. Good thing Todd didn't need them for anything actually important, like his and his family's protection. Private investigators must also be loving this portrayal of them as money-grubbing,professionalism-what's-that? kind of scum.

    We even got a scene where Margaret just now got back to her room; where the Hades is she hiding out?! Todd got garbage dumped, taken to the hospital, blood-transfused and released, and gotten to his office and gone. Dang, the pacing is for crap. Time isn't just fluid, it's crazy-straw fluid.

    Kelly got snippy about Kevin calling what she did industrial espinzzzzzzzzzzzz.

    Biggest WTF/Laughing Moment: Evangeline telling Viki and Roxie, outside of Natalie's room, that John put himself in danger to rescue Natalie. I said this elsewhere, but it's true- 1) he didn't have to, and 2) doing that doesn't automatically make him heroic.

    For the first, and really the second, point all I have to say is that there were trained professionals there at the site to free Natalie. People who do that kind of rescue specifically. John was a big old butt to insist,against anyone who said different, that he be the human who physically took an unconscious Natalie from the pit. The way he insisted made him look petty and stupid, not heroic. the rescue of Natalie was, on-screen, all about John (who had to physically save her) and Evangeline (who came to shine her halo, give john her permission to date his ex again and to mow down police barriers and roundhouse kick Bad Reporters).

    Not as terrible as the majority of yesterday's episode, but less John and Evangeline helped, while too much Antonio dragged it down.

    Here's hoping tomorrow is nice start to the weekend.