One Life to Live

Season 38 Episode 29

Ep. #9494


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  • Dorian bantered with Spencer, Rex and Adrianna talked at Carlotta's Diner, Tess and Nash narrowly escaped antonio's search for Jessica, and Starr had some words for her mom, who in turn got some food for thought from Dorian.

    Well, on the Adrianna/Rex "Let's Get It On" cheering section, there was more interest between the parties, even though Duke decided to lighten up- his hair! Now, he's being mistaken for Rev. Joey, that's how blonde Duke is!

    Natalie and John stared at each other and spoke in low tones some more. Waiting for John's bad act to whomp him like a Whomping Willow!

    Dorian, when not upsetting Kelly and David, her fiance, by flirtily bantering with Spencer -about how he's going to teach her how to "cook"(what a creaky double entendre that is!)- Dorian actually was sweet to Blair and suggested of her own free will that Todd could be lying- to protect his family, as misguided as the sentiment was. That prompted Blair to tell Todd to level with her. Seeing as Todd was trying to keep Blair from seeing the Margaret-written screensaver-"Todd and Margaret and Baby Make Three"- he didn't answer her. Then again, it was the end of the hour.

    More romance at a reasonable pace.
    More RJ/Lindsey, please.
    More smart-ALL-the-time female characters (and to be fair, the guys too.)
    More history being used and smartly at that, please.
    More veterans, used smartly too, please.

    Still a good episode, but not quite where I hope it to re-reach.