One Life to Live

Season 38 Episode 30

Ep. #9495


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  • Nat is released to go home, Layla is rude to Carlotta and eavesdrops on Carlotta and John, Margaret finds help while Blair figures out what's going on despite Todd.

    What do I mean by classifying this as out-of-character? Well, for the most part, the following characters:

    Blair: That she waited even this long to demand an explanation from Todd about her and the kids' safety. Blair has pushed Tea out of a high window, run-down folks in cars, shot Max in a fit of pique red lighting or no, and withheld meds from Asa. She is no shrinking violet. Blair tends to think pro-actively, so seeing her go directly to Bo- to save Todd from his understandable feelings and potential actions- was a cleansing breath moment; my Blair was allowed to be herself and smart.

    Viki: The woman who's been forgiving John since the minute she was told Natalie was still kidnapped, now has reservations about the guy being in her daughter's life? I guess she can only fluff one unworthy potential son-in-law at a time, and clearly Huffy has more time invested in him.

    Carlotta: The opposite of Viki; she not only allowed a total stranger to get up in her personal business- concerning her daughter-in-law- and lets the nosy cow get off with a mild shutdown later? Nat just wanted to date Cris and Carlotta was runnin' Nat down every second she got. This stranger- Layla- talks to her in the most disrespectful way twice and no apology to Carlotta from Evangeline on behalf of herself and her courtesy-challenged sister? Feh! Then to hear Carlotta, of all folks, to simperingly praise John for saving Natalie? I know it's set-up for story that's coming but, please. The fluffing of John the Scraggly-bearded has officially become not funny anymore. Yes, Carlotta isn't privy to John's Big Dark Secret, but the writers had the divine Ms. Vega all but slobber on him about how she changed her mind due to him saving Natalie. To quote John, he was just doing his job. No reason to stop disliking him. You don't have to hate the man, but no reason to be a fan for him serving and protecting.

    Dorian, while not on today, has been out of whack since Spencer blew into town. Trying to get both nieces to go after one man? No. She doesn't set her girls to compete with the other one over a man, not in the time i've been watching. She also wouldn't cavalierly dismiss David, her fiance, and his misgivings over his own dern brother. Feh, again.

    The episode had potential, but I guess since it's late summer, folks are losin' their minds. At least Bo is having a nice time and is smiling. That's sorta rare in Llandview these days.