One Life to Live

Season 38 Episode 112

Ep. #9577


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  • The stories that have dominated the last few months continue.

    Wow. What an episode full of Christmas cheer and positive feelings-NOT!

    Todd still in jail with a copy of Nelson Mandela's biography to keep him company? I hope Evangeline remembers that the Mandelas [i]divorced[/i] after Mr. Mandela was freed. Not a hopeful note for a client that is not only concievably innocent but certain someone's trying to weaken/destroy his marriage! Brilliant lawyer? ::chuckles::

    Antonio insults not only Nash but his own quasi-fiance who dares to be concerned for the man who part of herself has fallen in love. But since Antonio is being written- and played- as a very insecure bully who wants what he wants when he wants, it's not surprising that he's just distasteful today too. Jess has hung around enough to play My Life Sucks Harder with Cristian! Geez,cow! The man [i]just[/i] go out of prison! Can you cool it with the haughty and the poor me?

    John? Back off my Bo! The man is not only a friend, but your boss, yet that doesn't stop you from shooing off his family, arguing with him about an [b]order[/b], and mouthing off to him like he's some skell! the man is looking after your ungrateful butt, and he gets dagger looks and snottiness. You refuse to call on Nat thru the front door, so suffer.

    Too much anger at how Spencer and Blair took on a Santa'd up Asa in the hospital despite "Santa" being there for kids!! Ya'll it's called approriate time and place. Look into it.

    When the best thing about the episode is the music over the credits? Things are bad ya'll. [i][b]Bad[/b][/i].