One Life to Live

Season 38 Episode 113

Ep. #9578


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  • ::grabs head and wonders where the nearest mirror is::

    I don't care about John, so I really, really don't care about his dad. Apparently the lessons on how to look clean didn't take.

    Cheesed off that Asa is left clueless as to what is going on with his very ill granddaughter! As stupid as not telling Viki.

    Tired of the same faces taking up 95% of the screen-time. They have basically the same "conversations" anyway, so new folks would be nice for a bit anyway.

    Seems as if we'll be getting some movement in "Paige's Lost Son", tomorrow according to Previews, so yea for that. Not thrilled we'll be losing the lovely, Tony-winning Cady Huffman.

    Glad to,at least, see some of my faves.

    Btw, when did giving another golden Christmas tree bauble earn a gracious 'thank you'? Clint, after being married for a decade or so to this woman can't do better than the tree ornament? ::rolls my eyes:: Good thing I love Jerry verDorn!