One Life to Live

Season 38 Episode 118

Ep. #9583


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  • Dr. Spencer Truman reveals both his plans for each of his, "Buchanan Enemies," and a bit of background as to why he is out to destroy them... This year New Year's Eve in Llanview will not only signal the end of a year but a havoc filled start of the next.

    I've known for the longest time that Dr. Spencer Truman was a bad guy, but this episode really shows him as a, "Smoothly Diabolical Sociopath." He has no heart whatsoever and he takes great joy in messing up the lives of others.

    Prior to now, he was putting the pieces in place, as if Llanview were some giagantic gameboard. Now he really sets the wheels in motion and there is no turning back and no stopping him. I'm torn between, "He's evil and must die!" and "Oooh what will he do next?"

    He is certainly one to be watched...