One Life to Live

Season 38 Episode 137

Ep. #9602


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  • Vicki and Clint clash over Nash. Niki emerges. Niki seeks Tess out. David and Dorian have a brief encounter and he gives her some food for thought. Antonio holds a special concert at Capricorn. Renee confronts Asa. Spencer continues to manipulate Blair.

    I really enjoyed this episode. Especially the encounters between Vicky and Nash and Vicky and Clint. The thing that stands out about them is that I could, "See some of Vicky's Alters," as she displayed her range of emotions during the 2 arguments. At times, I could see "Jean" when she was telling Nash how displeased she was with him because she felt that he was now trying to get closer to Jessica. I could see both "Jean & Tommy" when she got angry with Clint because she felt that he was not keeping tight enough reigns on Nash.

    I loved the concert with The Tito Puente Jr. band at Capricorn. I always enjoy the episodes with special guests and I enjoyed watching Antonio play with the band.

    It was refreshing to see David give Dorian food for thought and tell her about how ridiculous she is being and how unflattering her actions are. I am rooting for them and you can still see the chemistry between there.

    I (still) cannot wait until Spencer gets his comuppance...

    The car scene between Tess & Niki is a definite , "Must See," and I look forward to more such. The two of them are definitely equally matched.

    The "Woman In The Photograph," is certainly a mystery who obviously ties in with several characters. It's interesting watching that s/l develope and I can't wait to find out who she is.

    Rex & Adriana have wonderful chemistry and I am thoroughly enjoying the scenes between those two.

    Poor Kelly & Kevin...Will they ever have a Cramer/Buchanan baby of their very own??