One Life to Live

Season 38 Episode 196

Ep. #9661


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  • John decides that Paige must pay. Dorian still plots to keep Rex and Adriana apart. Adriana may be in danger. Jess & Tess have a battle. Natalie goes out on a limb for John. Spencer triumphs yet again. David searches for the truth. Bo is confused and mad.

    Once more John expresses both rage and sadness with equal force. He is furious that Paige is the cause of his father's death and yet you can also feel his despair and helplessness. If it were anyone else he probably would have shot them without question or thought but he is unable to do so. When he lashes out at Bo, then later at Paige and Spencer, you want to reach out to him. You feel the same emotions as Bo comes to the realization that Paige is the responsible party, even though his gut feelings tell him that there is more to it than the eye can see.

    Paige is torn between disgust at what she has done and pain that she has deeply hurt both Michael, a fellow colleague, and John. She is also all the more angry at Spencer for yet again not having given her all the facts and still holding things over her head.

    David is on a mission the end Spencer's reign of dominance for once and for all and he is coming to the realization that it doesn't matter what the cost.

    Natalie almost digs herself into something she may not be able to pull out of but stops herself before it's too late. Thank goodness for Cristian who remains a friend.

    Jessica grows stronger and gives Tess a head to head fight for survival. You find yourself feeling sorry for Tess and wanting her to win.

    All of the performances are played with a finely tuned precision in this episode. Once again you are left with a feeling of not wanting the episode to end but wondering what will happen next. You know explosive repercussions are about to happen and you are on edge. All and all this is another good example of why One Life To Live is such a fantastic show.