One Life to Live

Season 38 Episode 197

Ep. #9662


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  • Paige takes total blame and confesses all. David and Dorian share memories. Natalie and Vincent talk. Clint and Nash express serious concerns about the birth. Blair and Evangeline watch Todd's tape. Tess goes into labor and Jess comes out.

    Yet again this episode is full of fine performances. Todd's heart rendering tape brings tears to Blair and Evangeline's eyes, and the viewer's eyes as well. Justice has to prevail.

    You are torn between pity and disgust for Paige as she pours her heart full of partial truths out. Bo and John make your head spin as they deal with the situation as best as they know how.

    As Tess fights for her life and the birth of the baby, Jess gives her a run for her money. You can't help but root for Tess, but you want Jess there equally as much.

    As Dorian and David take a stroll down memory lane, you want Dorian to give David another chance. You can see the magic that still exsists between them and you feel David's pain as he lets his feelings be known. You hate it when she walks away.

    You know that Natalie is skating on thin ice and want her to just leave it alone but you are proud of her when she finally gives up because the price asked is just too high to pay.

    And last but not least, you can feel empathy for Nash and Clint as each wishes only the best for the woman and daughter that they both love.

    Thumbs up for another good episode.