One Life to Live

Season 38 Episode 210

Ep. #9675


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  • The tornados in Llanview have wreaked havoc in more ways than one. The after effects have tremendous impact. The lives of Kelly and Duke hang by a thread. A life and death decision must be made. Rex and Adriana grow closer. Tess helps Antonio. John plans.

    I actually really enjoyed this episode. The irony of what Kevin was faced made for juicy viewing. The agony and realization of their betrayal, as Duke and Kelly were brought, clingling to life, to the hospital. Kevin was torn between a gamut of emotions that he had to sort through. Hatred of what they'd done, fear that they were dead or dying, confusion as to why. It was all quite riveting. Then to top it off, he was forced to make a decision that any human being would dread. A life or death decision involving two people whom he loved.

    The exchanges between Rex & Adriana and Tess with both Cris, as well as Antonio, were equally great to watch. Rex still sticking to his convictions of loving Adriana and watching her soften while being terrified of the stalker and when and what he will do next, was good. So was watching Cris and Tess as Cris reached out to Tess as a friend, yet not losing site of the fact that he is Antonio's brother and later Tess softening up to Antonio and slowly realizing that just maybe she he is not as bad as she has made him out to be.

    And again, the irony of Dr. Spencer Truman being the only one who can save the day, yet the one who helped to set the insanity in motion. This is classic soap material.

    And last but not least, poor Natalie trying to be John's heroine despite the fact that he doesn't want it. Hopefully this time she will not push him away and she'll be a good thing.