One Life to Live

Season 38 Episode 217

Ep. #9682


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  • The residents of Llanview gather and prepare to say final farewells to Duke Buchanan. Todd gets spiritual and legal counselling. Natalie comes face to face with Margaret. Kevin lashes out at Kelly.

    The tornado of Llanview touched many lives in many ways and the effects will be felt for a long time after, but how much more can these poor people take...This was as very moving episode. Kevin Buchanan is wracked with equal parts of grief and guilt and it is tearing him apart. No one can comfort him and it makes even the viewer feel helpless. The loss of a child is one that no parent should ever have to feel and your heart pours out to Kevin. Dan Gauthier, who protrays the role of Kevin Buchanan, has really shined in this episode.

    And even though this episode is primarily about the funeral of Duke Buchanan, and funerals are never easy, it stands up to the reputation of being one that you must see. When Natalie comes face to face with Margaret it makes you go, "Finally!", but you know that there is more to come. The scenes between Todd and Reverend Andrew Carpenter are good because you know that even though Todd is innocent, he is only asking for trouble when he mocks Reverend Andrew who is there for his salvation.

    The eulogies given by Vicky and Clint were just perfect. I tried not to cry but I couldn't not. And when Marcie sang that beautiful yet haunting song, I really couldn't hold back. Yet, while I felt for Kevin when he fell apart, I wanted to strangle him when he lashed out to Kelly.

    So, I know this was a good episode because anytime I can run the range of emotions like that, it's a Must See.