One Life to Live

Season 38 Episode 222

Ep. #9687


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  • The time has come for Todd to "Pay The Piper" for all of his dirty deeds, yet things are not always as they seem and unfortunately for him, he is innocent. Watch as he prepares for his inevitable fate and watch the events unravel as the clock ticks down.

    This to me is an episode that is filled with the most Irony as Poetic Justice...From the beginning Todd Manning was a character to be despised. From his brutal rape of Marty Saybrooke, to his letting Kevin Buchanan take the blame and almost be convicted for it. From his stalking and taunting Nora, and his allowing Blair to think that her baby was dead, the list is endless. However for all of the horrific things that he has done, he has done good to match.

    He saved Marty & Patrick in Ireland, he fathered Starr, He Saved Marty and a young CJ & Jessica from a car wreck, and so on. Yet Karma has a way of cathing up with you and it usually does at the most inopportune times...

    Some would be "happy" that Todd is about to be executed but the irony is that, "This time He Is Innocent!" He did not kill Margaret but there is nothing that can be done about it. And the scenes with his good-byes, and telling Blair that he will never forgive her and his interactions with the various characters, and watching him cry, are gut wrenching.

    If you are at all humane, you find yourself wanting to reach out help him. You want to scream at the television that he is innocent and that they are making a huge mistake. This and the days leading up to this day are really, "edge of your seat" viewing.