One Life to Live

Season 38 Episode 240

Ep. #9704


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  • Wheels are turning, where will they all lead? Everyone is becoming closer. Bonds are forming. Relationships changing. All of Llanview is in a whirlwind. Where will it all lead?

    I like episodes where the pieces start to fall into place or that set the tone for more things to come and this was one of those. Cristian's fight scene was a good one. The fight itself was great but watching the scenes between him and Evangeline were real good. Their bond is growing even more and the chemistry between them is fantastic. I love the way that they are taking it slow and allowing it to blossom. One can only hope that a wrench is not thrown in the middle of it. These two are a great match and I'm glad that Evangeline has finally let go of the brooding, yet sexy, John McBain.

    Paige has finally awakened and oddly enough she and Bo are getting closer because she has finally found the strength to confess all and the ever compassionate Bo has accepted and forgiven. Good scenes as Paige painfully tells Bo why she did what she felt that she had to do in order to protect him.

    Also good were the scenes between David and Dorian. You can tell that these two are missing each other but the timing is not right for them although you can see that Dorian is coming around and you know that it is only a matter of time before these two will be cooing at each other once again. One wonders if David is indeed innocent and you feel compassion for him.

    You also can't help but wonder what else is up the sleeve of the heartless Dr. Spencer Truman. Why did he free David? What are his plans for Blair? What will he do now that Todd is alive? It really makes one wonder and it makes for great viewing.

    And even though the stalker is bringing Rex and Adriana closer together, one can't help but wonder why Rex won't go to Bo and who is really behind it?

    Both Blair and Layla are playing with fire but there is definitely Chemistry between Vincent and Layla. I can't wait to see where it will lead. I only hope that she has some sense about herself.

    It's also good to see Nora back and advising Hugh. Hugh is in for some bumpy roads ahead, and Nora's wisdom and friendship will be good for him and theraputic for her. I love the way the scenes between those two went.

    The stage was also set for future conflicts between John McBain and Vincent Jones. There can be nothing but trouble there and Natalie may have bitten off way more than anyone can chew by setting this ball in motion. Time will tell.

    And, "Heee's Baaack!" Yes Llanview, watch out. Todd is back and even though he is not fully up to par, you know that he's back with a vengance. It's always great to see the scenes between Todd and, "Big Sis Vicki." Even though she dispensed her usual wise words, you just know that Todd is ready to rumble and he is going to make people pay. I can't wait to see what he has planned.

    All in all, this episode has started many wheels to turning and it's going to be fun to watch in the upcoming days to see how it all pans out. Yet one more reason why One Life To Live is such a great show.