One Life to Live

Season 38 Episode 246

Ep. #9710


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  • Todd calls a mysterious meeting of several Llanview citizens. Clint visits Dorian. The hospital is a busy place as Matthew and RJ visit Nora and Bo visits Paige. Blair and Spencer have an unplanned confrontation with Todd with surprising results.

    I really enjoyed this episode. The meeting that Todd called to "Thank" everyone was priceless. The quips and barbs and sarcasam that he spouted off was worth it alone. He was hilariously sincere, yet to the point. Todd has let us know that he is back, but he also has changed slightly. His tender words to both Starr and especially Evangeline let us see a softer side of him. These were very moving scenes. Yet, his quips with David and John assured us that he may have a softer side but deep down he's his same old "bad self," and if one is smart, one will only trust him just so far. Whatever does he have up his sleeve?

    Equally moving were the scenes with Matthew and RJ visiting Nora, and Bo visiting Paige, at the hospital. I like the way that Nora's recovery is being handled. It's just enough and at just the right pace to be realistic. Kudos to Hillary B. Smith and the way she is playing this part. Matthew and RJ are just the right medicine for Nora and as difficult as it must be for her, she is taking this graciously. And the ever honest Bo has not pulled punches with Paige for the way she handled things but he does still hold a place in his heart for her. I think they are on the right track and I wonder what's in store for them.

    Surprisingly enough, I enjoyed the scenes between Dorian and Clint. Clint knows how Dorian is, yet he feels comfortable with her. And you can't deny that there is a spark between the two of them. They both play this well. One can only wonder what the future holds for them and how will poor David fit into the equation.

    I was also glad to hear David's admission. It can only be a positive for him, although he may not see it yet. But Todd has offered to help him and even though Todd is Todd, I think he'll make good one this. We shall see.

    The stalker still lurks. Who on earth can it be and why?
    Also what is Todd doing with regards to Evangeline? Can there be something more than gratitude in store? These questions and more make this another good episode and a reason to watch.