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4 OLTL characters headed to General Hospital!!!

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    [1]Jan 12, 2012
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    I just read the great news that Michael Easton(John McBain), Kassie DePaiva(Blair Cramer), Roger Howarth(Todd Manning) and Kristen Alderson(Starr Manning) will join the cast of General Hospital. I for one couldn't be more thrilled that the legacy of the cancelled soap still lives on through another one.

    Expect the Llanview residents to hit Port Charles late February.

    Here's the link with all the details

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    [2]Jan 20, 2012
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    On her website, Kassie DePaiva set the record straight on her move to GH. She states the promos are misleading as she will only appear in a couple of episodes. In a blog on her official Web site,, Kassie DePaiva, who is slated to move her Blair from OLTL to GH, set the record straight about the transfer. After offering her take on the finale, DePaiva wrote: "Now… On the General Hospital.... Yippie. I must say that ads and press release by ABC is a little misleading and I feel I need to clarify to all my friends, family, and fans that are emailing and calling wondering when I'm moving to Los Angeles. Frank Valentini, GH's EP, asked me to come out for a couple of shows in February and I'm thrilled. Now only will I get to work with a fantastic cast.... but a little piece of OLTL will live on. That makes me very happy. And who knows where it will lead. Once the Mannings come to town anything is possible. I wish everyone at GH the best. No one loves daytime more than Frank Valentini and [Head Writer] Ron Carlivati and no one works harder than those two men. GH is in good hand and hopefully ABC will let GH live on!!!!!!! See ya'll soon in Port Charles!!!!!!!!!"

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