One Man Army

Wednesday 10:00 PM on Discovery Channel Premiered Jul 13, 2011 Between Seasons


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  • Season 1
    • Time Bomb
      Episode 9
      The operatives must tunnel under and then over a series of fences while navigating explosions and later recover keys frozen within solid blocks of ice to break free from an ice truck. The two finalists must use their wits to deactivate a series of bombs.
    • To Hell And Back
      Episode 8
      The operatives square off in one of the most grueling competitions yet, putting their strength to the test in a demanding 4-way game of tug-of-war, sawing through metal to escape an underwater coffin, and a memory challenge with life and death stakes.
    • 9/2/11
      One Man Army presents one of the most impressive displays yet as a super-athlete US Marine turned Ninja warrior takes on three equally skilled and fierce warriors: an energetic Dallas Cop, a US Army officer and a cocky Air Force Special Ops pilot.
    • 8/17/11
      It's a battle of ages and a match of speed, strength, and wits as the operatives face a complex web of lasers, a gladiator style tug-of-war, and every soldier's worst nightmare: enemy capture. Even host Mykel Hawke is surprised by crafty, wily tactics.
    • 8/10/11
      This week's One Man Army must dig deep under, then over, a series of walls carrying an 80 pound load, and snake their way through a complex web of lasers racing the clock. The final two operatives must keep their heads to diffuse a hurt locker of bombs.
    • No Guts No Glory
      Episode 4
      Amid explosions, fireballs, mud and smoke, this week's One Man Army must race on his back through a complex maze to freedom, endure a brutal test of strength in a gladiator style tug-of-war, and survive a final battle of wits and cunning to escape a cell.
    • Will to Win
      Episode 3
      An MMA fighter faces off against two Recon Marines and a Navy SEAL Team 6 veteran in a fiery shooting challenge and a door-busting, wall-blasting breach course. The final two risk drowning and hypothermia in a test of their intelligence in ice-cold water.
    • 7/20/11
      In the scariest challenge yet, this week's One Man Army must escape from the claustrophobic confines of a Water Coffin, dig their way through a mined obstacle course and break the codes on a series of safes while suspended upside down!
    • Brothers in Arms
      Episode 1
      Four highly trained operatives from the diverse worlds of the Army Rangers, Security Contractors, U.S. Marshalls and Tactical Weapons Instruction face off and shed blood in three challenges vying for the title of One Man Army and a $10,000 prize.