One Man Army

Wednesday 10:00 PM on Discovery Channel Premiered Jul 13, 2011 Between Seasons


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  • One man army is a competition! 4 Guys try to be the best at 3 stage. Speed! Strengh and Intelligence. Each week 4 new guys come and one of them is crown One man army.


    After 4 week I have to say, this show is good. Not the best one, but if you like watching a fair competition and guns... You might be in for a good time.

    I dont think this show will last long, maybe one or two season because it's on Discovery channel and quite frankly... We dont really found new thing in the show... It's just 4 guys and each round of them is eliminated and they work really hard for a 10k $

  • It started all good, now its just not getting me exited. hope it picks up i dont wanna skip trough thecompetitionsand make those 45 mnts into 15.


    If anyone is reading this and its involved on the show production. all i gotta say its remember that first episode!? Ok thats how the show should be... make obstacles totally different so u can prove peoples qualities, i just saw today an episode where there is a laser trip and the jailprisoneron the same episode... that was boring seriously.


    NEW SCHEDULE to friday nights right after Man Woman Wild, wich has that guy that hosts one man army Mykel Hawke.

    Actually that nights episode on 1 man army was my #1, replacing the my old #1 wich was the very first episode or pilot, where the underdog/gay guy wins, but this episode of 09-02 was definatelly BETTTER had all that i wanted and it made me not slip any challenges orfast forward. The new ICE challenge its great!

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