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One-Minute Soap

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One-Minute Soap Opera is a television series that first aired in 2003. It features short skits that show how various couples deal with their relationship. Many might say, One-Minute Soap Opera mocks soap operas and shows how things might be misinterpreted in relationships. The show features stars such as Jeff Van Atta, Ben Furmaniak, and Beth Malone. For example, episode one titled "The Paper Clip" is a one minute episode, where the character John asks Linda for a paper clip and she believes the paperclip is an implication or symbol representing their relationship. Another episode titled "The Portal" deals with a man named Clutch who goes back in time to stop Linda and John from meeting because he feels he has feelings for Linda. They are interesting little stories that offer humor but also engage a person into wanting to see the next episode to see what happens to each character.

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AIRED ON 10/4/2004

Season 1 : Episode 1