One On One

Season 3 Episode 8

Keeping It

Aired Monday 8:00 PM Nov 11, 2003 on UPN
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Keeping It
Asanti, the most popular cheerleader in Breanna's cheerleading squad shares good news with the other cheerleaders about her losing her virginity with her boyfriend Rodney. The entire squad is happy for her, but when the cheerleading squad discovers that Breanna and Spirit are still virgins their popularity is threatened. Giving into peer pressure Breanna and Spirit decide to lose their virginity quick. Meanwhile after a burglar almost rob's Duane's apartment he and Flex decide to patrol the building to catch the crook. Also Arnaz's mom, Cheryl is worried about Arnaz and his raging hormones so Flex decides to talk to Arnaz about the birds and the bees. The next night Breanna decides to have sex with Arnaz to lose her virginity and remain popular but she changes her mind when Arnaz reveals he's not a virgin! After a long talk with Flex she realizes that she made the right choice and decides to wait until she's all grown up to have sex.moreless

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  • Breanna and Spirit feel like they should give into sexual pressure, while Flex and Duane try to find a prowler.

    This is one of the better episodes that I have seen. I like this show, but this is a good episode. In this episode, Breanna and Spirit feel like that they are under pressure because most of the cheerleading squad have had sex and the two haven't, so Breanna decides to do so with Arnaz and Spirit with some guy that seems like a player at first, but then something is revealed: He is a virgin, too! But then when Breanna finds out something revealed from Arnaz, that he ISN'T a virgin, she decides that she should wait to have sex until later. However, the ending to the episode gave a great message: Apparently, when Spirit and Breanna go to school, they find the two girls who at first made fun of them for being virgins being sad about something: The girl who bragged about it at the beginning was crying because her boyfriend, the one she had sex with, dumped her, and then Spirit and Breanna learned that sex should not be done to be popular.

    However, in the other plotline of the episode, Duane suspects someone is trying to rob him, so him and Flex decide to set up a watch team, only to find out that the so-called prowler could be Duane's long lost father.

    Great episode overall.moreless
  • Breanna decides to have sex with Arnaz after hearing her friends talk about it. However Arnaz says something to make her change her mind.

    Like Moesha, Breanna learns something about her boyfriend and sex that convinces her to stay a virgin. Breanna failed to account that Arnaz wasn't willing to wait on sex as long as she had.

    A well written episode that makes the viewer think twice before going into something (in this case sex) without considering the consequences.
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Kyla Pratt

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